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To Hangzhou, Tea Culture Tour is a Must!

 If you are tired of the bustle of Shanghai tours, why not come to Hangzhou? It only spends you about an hour from Shanghai to Hangzhou. You may have appreciated the antique beauty of Xi’an tours but want the authentic touch to do something that you have struggled to do.Then, I fully recommend the “Tea Culture Tour”.


Through the “Tea Culture Tour”, you will learn the history and the story behind why tea is pivotal in Chinese culture. Believe me, the tour feels like you are watching a holiday TV programme, that’s how good it was!



As the only tea museum in China, it display tea’s history, tea events, tea sets and tea customs in China. It is an excellent insight to many origins of tea, where you will have an interesting cultural experience. The tea museum is not exactly a museum, per se. Instead, it encompasses actively-farmed tea plantations and introduces visitors to the broad spectrum of tea-growing and tea-making.


Dragon Well Tea Plantation


Covering an area of 132 acres, the Dragon Well Tea Plantation in Dragon Well Village of Hangzhou, faces the West Lake to the west and Qiantang River to the south. Dragon Well Village is a picturesque wonderland surrounded by mountains with a large area of tea trees. At the hilltop, you will have an overview of the West Lake.


With tea pavilions scattering here and there in the tea mountains, the Dragon Well Tea Plantation is really a comfortable place for relaxing and enjoying tea among the lush tea trees. Here you can pick tea leaves under the instruction of locals. At a teahouse,  you will try some emperors tea and the quick science experiment in explaining the benefits of drinking green tea!


At noon, you can have lunch at a tea farmer’s restaurant where chicken are amazing. Plus, the ‘real’ bamboo shoots also deserve to have a try.


If you’re keen on going to garden centers for a cup of tea, this is definitely the best place in Hangzhou. Book Hangzhou Tours now and by the way now is the best season to admire summer lotuses of the West Lake.

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