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Why Do Smartphones Have So Many Cameras, and What Do They Do?

Smartphones offer multiple cameras to increase your creative choices and improve overall image quality through software. You're probably using all of your phone's cameras, even if you don't realize it.Modern smartphones contain several cameras, giving you several creative choices when photographing family members, road trips, football games, and more. But chances are, you don’t really understand how these cameras work, and you may feel like you only ever use the “main” camera. Here’s the good news; you’re already using all…


The IRS Won’t Text You, and Other Tax Scams to Avoid

Every year IRS tax scams are a big problem. The Internal Revenue Service will never text you. Be careful with calls, texts, or emails, and report anything suspicious.It’s time to round up your 1099, W2s, or other forms to see if you owe Uncle Sam or are getting a big fat refund. That also means tax scams will be everywhere. The IRS will never text you, and even though criminals will try sending texts, emails, and more, don’t fall for…


Apple Acknowledges iPhone 14 Pro Display Bug, Promises Fix

Just before Christmas, iPhone 14 Pro users began posting pictures online of their devices flashing colored lines flashing across the display while powering on. The issue seems to have started just after the update to iOS 16.2, although some posts predate the OS upgrade. Now Apple is promising a fix. MacRumors reports the company acknowledged the problem in a memo. According to the message, Apple notes that the issue is not a hardware defect and can be resolved with a…


Why You Should Buy a Mac mini Instead of an iMac

I bought my first Mac computer in 2010. Since switching, I’ve learned to love everything Apple. In that time, I’ve owned three MacBooks and an iMac. However, when it came time to trade up my iMac for a new model last year, I got a Mac mini instead. It was the right decision. Here’s why. Table of ContentsMac minis Cost Less than iMacsBuild Your Own Mac SetupYou Can Actually Hook Your Stuff Up to a Mac miniMac minis Travel Easier…


Raspberry Pi Launches a New Autofocus Camera In 4 Flavors

The newly-launched Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 will inspire some very interesting projects. It’s a 12MP camera with powered autofocus, HDR support, and a 1080p 50FPS video resolution—three things that were absent in previous Pi camera modules. Plus, customers have the option to buy this camera with an ultra-wide FOV or IR-sensitive design. This is an impressive little module. It sports Sony’s 12MP IMX708 sensor, which is a significant upgrade from the 8MP sensor featured in the Camera Module 2.…


What is Vaporware? The Greatest Technology You Never Saw

With the Consumer Electronics Show in full swing, you’re probably seeing a lot of stories about great new gadgets companies are developing to improve your life. However, many of those products and concepts never make it into your home or even onto store shelves. We call it “vaporware.” Table of ContentsWhat is Vaporware?Apple W.A.L.T.Google GlassPalm FoleoAtari 2700Duke Nukem ForeverNoveto N1 What is Vaporware? Vaporware is an informal term used by tech industry professionals, journalists, and consumers to describe products that…


Samsung’s Budget Galaxy A34 Leaks In Four Fun Colors

While we’re all patiently awaiting the new Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra, those looking for something more affordable may want to consider the upcoming Galaxy A34. One of many budget phones coming in 2023 from Samsung. We got our first look at the Galaxy A34 earlier this year, but now a new set of leaked renders from The Tech Outlook reveals the phone in 360-degree images, along with at least four fun color variants. As you all probably know,…


The Best Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Cases

And one of the best ways to protect your device is by using protective cases, custom ones with precision cutouts that offer all-around protection. To make your life easier, we’ve done the heavy lifting and now present you with a handy roundup of the best Pixel 7 cases and the best Pixel 7 Pro cases out there. What to Look for in a Protective Case Protective phone cases have one job, to protect your phone. Some are scratch-resistant, and others…


10 Samsung Galaxy Default Settings You Should Change

Justin Duino / How-To Geek Whether you love Samsung phones or hate them, you can’t deny they have an abundance of settings. For the most part, you don’t have to change a ton of them to improve your experience, but there are some things you’ll want to give extra attention. Disable Bixby From the Power Button Let’s kick things off with arguably the most annoying part of Samsung Galaxy phones: Bixby. Not many people like Samsung’s virtual assistant, yet the…


How to Block Websites on Android

Joe Fedewa / How-To Geek To block websites on Android, install a third-party app like BlockSite, or use Mozilla Firefox as your browser and get a website-blocking add-on. Switching to a custom DNS server will also block a wide swath of time-wasting and inappropriate websites at once for all Android browsers.Do you want to block a specific site so it won’t distract you when you’re working? Or maybe you want to restrict access to inappropriate sites? You can block websites…


Android Phones Are Now More Secure, Thanks to Rust

Joe Fedewa / How-To Geek Just like any widely-used software, security vulnerabilities are constantly discovered (and later patched) in Android all the time. Thankfully, one type of security problem is on the decline, thanks to a switch in programming languages. Google published a blog post on its security blog this week, explaining that memory safety vulnerabilities — where buffer overflows and other similar problems in code can allow other software to break out of sandboxes and cause problems — are…


How to Turn Off a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Justin Duino / How-To Geek To turn off a Samsung Galaxy phone, press and hold the Side or Power button for several seconds. A power menu will open---tap "Power Off." If the menu doesn't open, try pressing the Volume Down button and Side buttons simultaneously. You can also use the Quick Settings menu or Bixby to shut down a Samsung phone.Want to give your Samsung Galaxy a break? It’s easy to turn your phone off, and we’ll show you a…