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What Is Full-Array Local Dimming?

TCL Manufacturers refer to dimming zones differently in their marketing materials. Look for words like “local zones” or “contrast control zones,” and be aware that larger screen sizes could have more zones than smaller ones, even on the same model of TV. Full-array local dimming is no longer mostly reserved for higher-end LED sets, with budget manufacturers offering the feature as standard on cheaper models like the TCL 5-Series. Budget Friendly With Local Dimming Best TV Overall LG C1 Amazon…


The Best iPhones of 2021 for Battery Life and More

Neirfy/ The iPhone range now includes more sizes and price points than ever before. This might make it difficult to know which model to pick and what exactly the differences are. Let’s take a look at which iPhone is the best in 2021. Table of Contents Buying an iPhone in 2021Best iPhone Overall: iPhone 12Best Budget iPhone: iPhone SE (2nd-Gen)Best Premium iPhone: iPhone 12 ProBest iPhone Camera: iPhone 12 Pro MaxBest Battery Life: iPhone 12 Pro Max Buying an iPhone…


Curious About the Pixel 6? Here’s What Google Teased

RELATEDGoogle's Pixel 6 Ditches the Power Brick, Like Apple and Samsung Other device specs remain a mystery at this time. As Google gets closer to releasing the phone, we’ll hear about storage capacity, screens, RAM, and so on. For now, we’ll have to ponder exactly how this new chip will change Google’s smartphones and what it could change for the industry as a whole. Update: The Verge was able to get hands-on with the device and revealed that the Pixel…


The best birthday gift ideas for men: From unique to practical, these cool picks will wow

Karolina Grabowska via PexelsSearching for birthday gift ideas for men? Shopping for a man in your life—whether it’s your husband, father, son, brother, or even yourself—can sometimes feel impossible. Finding unique gift ideas that stand out and pique a man’s interest can take creativity, resourcefulness, and maybe just a little guile. And it starts with a reassessment of what appeals to men.  There was a time when certain things were considered the “best gifts for men,” standbys that fit gender…


Best leaf mulcher to clean up your lawn this fall

Melanie Kreutz via UnsplashFall is a gorgeous time of year, but it’s also a grueling period for yard work. As that stunning foliage falls from the trees, homeowners are faced with the Sisyphean task of clearing their yard of endlessly dropping debris. This step of lawn maintenance, important in preventing disease from hijacking your grass under the cover of wet leaves during the winter months, will be much easier if you have appropriate outdoor power equipment for the job. We’re…


Tech History Trivia: Toshiba

There you are, typing away on your Toshiba machine, never supposing that you’re working with the product of one of the oldest tech companies in the world! Turns out that the company’s roots are almost 150 years old and it has been at the forefront of the electronics and communications industry ever since. Pre-1900 One of the parent companies that eventually merged to become Toshiba as we know it today was Tanaka Seisakusho,founded in 1875 and later renamed Shibaura Seisakusho,…


Get smarter with these gamified learning apps

Luke Porter / UnsplashThe internet is filled to the brim with opportunities to learn new things. But even if you have the willpower to push forward without the direct guidance of a teacher, it’s hard to dedicate the five to ten hours a week a lot of these courses require to stay on track. Plus, without regular positive feedback, your initial motivation could take a quick nosedive.This is why apps like Duolingo are so wildly popular. The app constantly praises…


Photoshop’s new Super Resolution feature makes images bigger, not blurrier

Stan HoraczekUpscaling a digital photo typically destroys its image quality. You lose detail and sharpness while adding ugly objects called artifacts to the file that make the whole picture look crunchy and unappealing. For years, however, companies like Adobe have been working on algorithms to try to bring the CSI “enhance” feature out of the world of TV fiction and into its image-editing software. The latest version of Photoshop makes a big leap in that direction with a feature called…


The best carpet cleaner machines to keep your home spotless

Josh Sorenson via Pexels Let’s be honest, unless your carpets are dark grey and constructed for what manufacturers call “heavy traffic,” i.e. a lot of wear and tear, you’re probably going to need a carpet cleaner. Whether it’s a glass of red wine, a mishap with some makeup, or a pet accident, carpet stains and messes are going to happen, and that’s where a carpet cleaner comes in. But, if you’re reading this and thinking “not my problem, no carpets…


The battle to save one of the planet’s best fossil preserves

Kate Evans for Undark Kate Evans is a freelance science journalist and writer based in Raglan, New Zealand. Follow her on Twitter @kate_g_evans. This article was originally published on Undark. One of New Zealand’s most spectacular fossil sites originated 23.2 million years ago. It was formed in a valley dotted with small volcanoes, when rising magma deep below the Earth’s surface came into contact with groundwater. Lava and water don’t mix—they explode. The resulting detonation obliterated the surrounding forest and…


Solar panels and water canals could form a real power couple in California

Solar Aqua Grid LLCCalifornia has around 4,000 miles of canals that shuttle clean water throughout the state. New research shows that these canals can do way more than bringing California’s residents with drinking water—paired with solar panels, these canals might also be a way to both generate solar power and save water. This new study presents an analysis from researchers at the University of California Merced and University of California Santa Cruz that quantifies the economic feasibility of building a…


Researchers just measured Jupiter’s stratospheric winds for the first time—and they’re a doozy

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSSAn international team of astronomers just measured Jupiter’s raging stratospheric winds for the very first time—and they used a 27-year-old comet to do it. Scientists had already measured wind speeds down in Jupiter’s troposphere—where the planet’s iconic stripes lie—and way up in its ionosphere. But this new study was first to take wind speed measurements of Jupiter’s stratosphere using the incredibly sensitive Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). They measured wind speeds near the equator and near the poles. Some results…