The Best iPhone XS Max Cases

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Here are some fantastic iPhone XS Max cases that we recommend.

Buying Guide for iPhone XS Max Cases

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Why buy a phone case?

While the vivid colors and soft shine of an iPhone’s exterior are beautiful to look at, it’s not the most protective thing. And after investing in an expensive phone, the last thing that you want is a cracked screen or a shattered camera. By purchasing a protective case for your XS Max, you can ensure that your phone will survive the next accidental drop. A durable case can increase the longevity of your device so that you won’t have to dig into your pockets for the next generation too soon.

What should you look for in an iPhone XS Max case?

To find a phone case that fits your lifestyle, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Protection: Whether you want something simple and affordable, or a case with numerous features and colorful designs, quality protection should be the main goal behind your choice. When considering a phone case, look for multilayered shells and shockproof protection that keeps your phone from getting damaged from an accidental drop.
  • Design: An iPhone case can be both durable and stylish. For people with aesthetics in mind, look for eye-catching graphics and designs. If you find yourself having to plug your phone into its charger throughout the day, consider a charging case that can extend your phone time. Wallet phone cases are ideal for people who want to reduce the number of items that they have to keep track of on a daily basis. The ID and money slots allow you to keep all of your important items in a single place.

What can you expect to spend on an iPhone case?

Like with many other accessories, the more features that are added to the iPhone case, the more expensive it will be. Standard cases with a single layer of protection can be as inexpensive as $5 while offering many color and design options. Features such as shock absorption, bumpers, extended edges, and outer shells will typically cost more because of their more complex materials and construction. The added protection will likely range from $15 to $30. The most expensive cases will contain added technology like attached chargers or have multiple functions such as holding credit cards or clipping to your belt. If you find a unique feature that suits your lifestyle, it can cost upward of $35.

Our Picks for an iPhone XS Max Case

Pros: Don’t be fooled by this feather-light case. It’s available in a variety of colorful options and prices, but the less expensive options of the bunch are still made from their patented hard outer shells and soft impact-resistant core. The ultra-responsive tactile buttons deliver a crisp, clean click-feel for improved functionality, while the dramatically thin, friction-free design won’t easily slip away from your grip. Its military-grade standards can endure plenty of drops and falls, so you also know that your money is being spent on quality material that will keep your device safe.

Cons: The case’s smooth design creates a slippery feeling that has caused some users to repeatedly drop their phones. The slick feel, combined with the case’s thin construction, might feel a bit flimsy to some iPhone users.

Bottom Line: For such a low price, this iPhone offers plenty of quality features with its 360-degree protection and crisp button clicks. This is a great phone case for XS Max owners who want to focus their budget on the phone, not the case.


Pros: This heavy-duty, shockproof case from ORIbox is one of the more robust cases on this list, but for good reasons. This case is designed with a flexible bumper and a hard PC back for triple-layered shock absorption, so you know that your phone is safe from drops, scratches, and even dust. The reinforced corners and nonslip stripes along the side help create a stable grip during use.

Cons: The extended corners and protruding belt clip can have a bulky feel and take up some serious space in pockets or bags. Some have said that the clip isn’t very sturdy, so its hold on cards, money, or your belt could be too loose.

Bottom Line: It’s a good choice for someone who’s interested in strong, quality protection rather than flashy design options. The layered design ensures that your phone has plenty of shock absorption, even if it can feel slightly large in your pocket.


Pros: With over 15 different colors and designs available from this case, it’s no wonder why we chose it as our favorite design option. It’s compatible with wireless charging, and its slim design is made from an anti-scratch technology that’s supported with metallic buttons for a more refined look. This case isn’t all flash either, as it has 10-foot drop protection, so your phone is safe from damage when those accidental slips and falls occur.

Cons: The case’s thin design is great for fitting into small pockets, but the flush edges can expose your screen or screen protector. This can cause damage if your iPhone is dropped on its face, ultimately making this case stylish but not as functional as the other options on this list.

Bottom Line: This case offers moderate protection with some major style. The wide variety of colors and designs are great for expressive iPhone owners who want to make a statement.


Pros: This case brings a top-notch feature unlike anything else found on this list. This wireless battery case is power personified. It packs enough battery charge to deliver the power to extend the life of your 30 hours of phone calls, 65 music hours, 15 hours of internet surfing, and 18 hours of video watching. You have full access to the lightning port, and the case features temperature and overvoltage protection so that you can access your phone’s normal charger or headphones without worrying about heat damage.

Cons: Due to the internal tech, this phone isn’t waterproof and must be kept in a dry environment in order to work properly. The case doesn’t support Carplay or wireless charging, so it can limit some of your phone’s capabilities.

Bottom Line: This case will keep your phone running for hours on end, leaving you free to call, text, watch, and scroll without facing the dreaded black screen.


Pros: If you’re looking for a capable iPhone case that’s also a wallet, then consider this fabulous case from OT ONETOP. Available in eight colors and at an affordable price, this case is super practical, as it has three card slots for IDs and credit cards and some room for cash. Its all-around shockproof design is made from high-quality PU material that will not only save your phone from drops, but also, provide a comfortable feel. This case also has a creative stand function, so you can easily read or watch videos from multiple viewing angles.

Cons: This case values compactness, resulting in small openings to hold cards and cash. Some reviewers had difficulty fitting several cards or bills into the slots. The leather is also prone to picking up dirt and oils fairly quickly.

Bottom Line: This wallet iPhone case is a minimalist’s dream. If you have very few cards and bills to carry when you go out, you can easily avoid bringing a bulky bag by utilizing this multi-slot case.

Final Thoughts

A protective case for your phone isn’t required for you to enjoy the full capabilities of your device, but it can save you headaches and money in the future. The proper iPhone case protects the delicate glass and corners of your phone from damage caused by accidental drops. Some cases can even protect from water damage. Beyond a case’s protective capabilities, it can showcase your style with bold colors and eye-catching designs.

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