NZXT’s New Headset and PC Desk Speakers Look Great

You may know NZXT for its cases and PC hardware, or for its pre-built PCs, but that’s not all the products under its belt. NZXT has now entered the audio market with a new headset and speaker system.

NZXT has plenty of microphones, but today, the company is releasing a range of new audio products with the Relay lineup, including the Relay Headset and the Relay Speakers & Subwoofer, as well as the SwitchMix stand. The company tried to enter the audio market once in 2019, but it notes that the products back then didn’t meet its final QA process. These products were redesigned from scratch, and NZXT swears that they’re good this time.

The headset has hi-res audio tuned by the Japan Audio Society, as well as a lightweight construction with an adjustable frame and soft memory cushions. It’s equipped with drivers with a distortion rate of less than 0.1%, ensuring true-to-life sound comes out of your headphones, while DTS 7.1 surround sound will help you simulate a 3D environment of sorts while you’re playing.

Moving over to the speakers, they have 20mm silk dome tweeters and 3-inch glass fiber woofers for rich sound. The subwoofers are equipped with 6.5-inch drivers and take 140W of power. They’re also compatible with the hardware you already own, thanks to the inclusion of universal 3.5mm and even RCA inputs.

Finally, the SwitchMix will bridge your headset and speakers like a charm, letting you quickly switch from the headset to your speakers on a whim, and vice versa. There’s also a studio-grade slider that can let you fade from game sounds to voice sounds if you ever find yourself in a need to adjust that.

The speakers can be bought for $249.99, while the subwoofers cost $149.99. The headset will set you back $99.99, while the SwitchMix can be had for $129.99.

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