Lenovo thinkpad or ideapad for college?


Thinkpad Trackpoint macro
Image by Adrian S Jones
Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard and trackpoint.

Cropped and touched up in GIMP to remove as much dust specs as possible add a vignette. I also desaturated the whole image and then lifted the red back up.

Lenovo thinkpad or ideapad for college?

Im going to be a college freshman this fall and Im deciding on what laptop i should get. i want something powerful and worth my money, so not a mac or dell. I am going to be a math-economics major so Im not sure if i should pick a laptop based on what Im going to study.

Right now Im leaning towards this:

I feel the Thinkpad is too much for the business man and the Ideapad will be more for a collegekid, but still be powerful and get the job done.

let me know. thanks.

thinkpad best answer:

Answer by ChaosSloth
From what I understand the thinkpad will be a hassle to update now, it’s really a matter of what you’re using it for. If you’re just typing assignments and watching youtube/hulu then you can go cheap because most anything on the market will do that just fine. But if you’re going to play any kind of games, image or video editing you might want to go big. Personally I use to look at laptops. You can customize an hp, return it in 90 days for a refund if you don’t like it and comes with a free 2 year warranty (yes you would have to ship it in for the warranty.) If you want a lenovo all you need is this, Otherwise add some specs that you want and we can help more.

thinkpad wallpaper
Image by Lincoln_Wong
Wallpaper of Thinkpad logo

2008 F1 Chinese GP * Dual ThinkPad Girls
Image by jiazi
2008一级方程式中国大奖赛 * ThinkPad双子女郎

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