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Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the Xbox Series X|S?

Xbox If you have a headset that doesn’t support wireless via its own USB dongle, you can connect it directly to your controller’s 3.5mm stereo jack (above). Even though this isn’t a truly wireless solution, the cable run from your controller to the headset is very short and much better than running a cable across your living room. Just be sure to take your controller with you if you get up to avoid any accidents! Shop for Xbox-Compatible Headsets If…


The best and most practical graduation gifts that they’ll really use

Joshua Mcknight via PexelsLooking to help ease the transition into post-grad life? These practical graduation gifts can simultaneously streamline and enhance your favorite graduate’s everyday routine. Whether you’re looking for college graduation gifts, high school, or anything else, we’ve got the best ideas here. From a smart notebook that translates all their notes into the digital realm, to an alarm clock that eases them in and out of slumber, this gift guide is here to help you find something smart,…


Best wood chipper: Keep your yard in tip-top (or chip-chop) shape

Jack Redgate via PexelsA well-kept yard can make your home come alive, and serene outdoor areas not only bring joy, but add plenty of value to your home. To keep your outdoor spaces tidy, it’s important to have the right equipment to tackle your yard work, and to stay on top of seasonal and weekly jobs. While lawn mowing and garden equipment are part of the essentials, another useful piece of equipment for homeowners could be a wood chipper. The…


The ship blocking the Suez is finally unstuck, but we could see bottlenecks like this again

Rinson Chory on UnsplashThis story has been updated. It was first published on 3/26/2021. Like a blood clot in an artery, the enormous container ship was stuck in the Suez Canal, cutting off the flow of goods at a crucial byway in the world’s circulatory system of trade. On Monday, March 29, the vessel finally was “successfully refloated,” the Suez Canal Authority said. The 1,300-foot-long vessel, the Ever Given, initially became lodged in the waterway on Tuesday. While jammed in…


Best leaf blowers to tame your wild yard

Kadri Vosumae via PexelsA great leaf blower makes you want to wake up on a fall day and get to work. It makes you wish your yard was a few acres bigger so you can put your favorite power tool to more use. The wrong leaf blower can make you want to pick up a rake just to move the few leaves that fell on your front lawn. Effectiveness isn’t the only measure of a leaf blower. If you want…


Best snow blower: Clear your driveway fast

Fabian Mardi via UnsplashThere’s nothing more beautiful than the calm after a blizzard—until you remember that you’re responsible for cleaning it up. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn an impenetrable winter wonderland into something you can actually navigate with the best snow blower. While it can be very gratifying to get out there and shovel it yourself (as long as you do it safely), in some places you’ll have no choice but to bust out the big guns. With the right…


OnePlus 9 Pro: Everything you need to know about this new flagship Android phone

OnePlusIt takes a lot for a smartphone camera to stand out when it comes to performance at the moment. Today, OnePlus announced its new 9 Pro and 9 flagship smartphones with a focus on a revamped camera system. Here are the key things you need to know about the company’s new top-end phones. We’ll start with the OnePlus 9 Pro. Hasselblad Cameras OnePlus spent a considerable amount of time during its launch event talking about its new camera partnership with…


Ask Us Anything: Can you survive on a single food forever?

Katie Belloff/Popular ScienceIs your head constantly spinning with outlandish, mind-burning questions? If you’ve ever wondered what the universe is made of, what would happen if you fell into a black hole, or even why not everyone can touch their toes, then you should be sure to listen and subscribe to Ask Us Anything, a brand new podcast from the editors of Popular Science. Ask Us Anything hits Apple, Anchor, Spotify, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts every Tuesday and…


Verizon Dropped Whopping $45 Billion on 5G Spectrum in Record-Breaking Auction

According to the Federal Communications Commission, which ran the auction, Verizon was the highest bidder offering $45 billion for 280 megahertz of prime mid-band spectrum in the 3.7-3.98 GHz band. AT&T was the second-highest bidder with $23 billion, while T-Mobile came in after with a $9.3 billion bid. Twenty-one bidders participated including satellite and TV providers such as Dish, Comcast, and Charter. The competition was fierce as wireless carriers race to roll out their 5G networks at a fast and…


Thinking of a New Job in Tech?

Maybe your resolution for 2021 is to jump into the tech field so you can follow your passion. Maybe you’re struggling with the post-pandemic job market and can’t help but notice that tech is a pretty stable industry at the moment. Maybe you’re just doing normal job-hunting after finishing up college, etc. Whatever the case, we’re not alone in thinking that tech is an area with a lot of potential for almost anyone. The Tech Industry is Broader than Coding…


Amazon Alexa Now Harnesses AI to Control Your Home without Your Voice

This ability actually existed in Alexa before, albeit in a limited form. Called Alexa Hunches, if you activated Alexa at a certain time of day or with certain keywords, then Alexa would offer to make additional smart home changes based on your past habits. For example, if you were leaving the house and turned on the Alexa Guard feature to listen for intruders, then Alexa might say something like, “Do you want me to lock your smart door?” The key…


What Is “Binning” for Computer Components?

Vania Zhukevych/Shutterstock You might not realize it, but every time you purchase a new desktop CPU, you also get a ticket for a giveaway called the “silicon lottery.” Two CPUs of the same model can perform differently when pushed to their limits thanks to something called “CPU binning.” What Is Binning? Binning is a sorting process in which top-performing chips are sorted from lower-performing chips. It can be used for CPUs, GPUs (graphics cards), and RAM. Say you want to…