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Dota 2 releases on Mac and Linux, system specs & patch notes inside

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Dota 2 releases on Mac and Linux, system specs & patch notes inside. Dota 2 has launched for Mac and Linux, following its release on PC last week. We've got system specs for both formats here. The release announcement was made on Valve's blog along …

This is how you upgrade a Linux system
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Image by Marco van der Meer
Before I started to Upgrade me Linux system I poor meself a nice cold glass of Guiness. This is how we do it. ?

Linux 3.11: Linux for Workgroups

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The kernel will also include a Lustre-distributed file system client. Lustre tends to be used in cluster-computing. Finally, zswap is a lightweight compressed memory cache for swap pages. Its purpose is to improve performance when a Linux system is in …

United flies on Linux Operating System
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Image by Wayan Vota
Or at least the inflight entertainment system does as this start-up screen on a Boeing 777 from IAD to LHR shows

Large-Scale Linux Systems Monitoring with OpenNMS
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Image by victor trac
Jeff Gehlbach

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