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Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
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I travelled to Liverpool for a photoshoot with Jazz singer Katie "Kit" Williams back in August. She wanted a 1940’s style photoshoot, with some retro processing along with some more standard portraits.

I like the way these photos have come out and think some of them look genuinely old fashioned and from that period.

To achieve this look, I desaturate the photo and slightly increase the red and yellow channels, to give the skin a slightly more pale appearance. Then, I duplicate the layer, adding gaussian blur. Creating a mask, I punch through the gaussian blur to reveal the face and neck so that only the background and tips of the hair are blurred. I then create another layer and reapply gaussian blur to the whole image. Once done, I change the blend mode on the top layer to overlay and descrease the opacity to about 45% (until it looks right). This for me, gives it a 1940’s style Hollywood effect.

Hope you enjoy.

Tegeneria saeva
sex tips
Image by lcspiderlab
Tegeneria saeva, Giant House Spider.
This spider was collected in the basement of my house in SE Portland, next to Reed College. The specimen was a two year old female who had already laid eggs (unfortunately, probably in my basement). This species is often found in the lower levels of houses, creating webs close to the ground, as they are not good climbers. Though the species are commonly believed to be highly venomous, Tegeneria sevea venom does not have significant effect on humans, and the spiders do little to uphold their aggressive reputation. This example of the species measured roughly five centimeter from front leg tip to back leg tip, though I am informed by Professor Binford that the species can grow much larger.

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