Boxia, the startup that relieves customer services through smart shipping monitoring

Today we meet Ivann and Stephen, founders of Boxia. They share with us post-purchase experiences, customer loyalty improvement views, and their long-lasting friendship !


Boxia, the startup that relieves customer services through smart shipping monitoring
Ivann and Stephen, the founders

What’s the Boxia concept?

Boxia is an online platform for e-retailers that allows them to inform their clients about the advancement of their shipping in real time, through proactive and personalized e-mail and text notifications, thus automatically informing them in case of problem.

With Boxia, e-retailers are able to:

  • Reassuring their clients throughout the shipping process, as they have an eye on it. In case of incidents, clients greatly appreciate the gesture!
  • Be proactive via automated alerts in cas of shipping problems (stuck or damaged package, indecent, late delivery, customs…).
  • Boost repurchase rates with marketing content inside notifications!

Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got here. How did you meet?

We are actually childhood friends! We’ve known each other since middle school and decided to jump into the Boxia adventure together. Before that, we both worked in big industrial companies and consulting firms on subjects such as logistics, big data, or financial analysis.


How did you come up with the idea?

We often encountered shipping issues with our online purchases (late or stuck packages, etc) and we had absolutely no visibility on the state of our shipping: it was an absolute fog, especially in case of trouble! As we were speaking with many e-retailers, we notices that delivery was also a huge problem for them —and that their customer services were over-sollicitated for delivery issues. And Boxia was born! We wanted to help e-retailers be proactive in cas of delivery issues, and offer clients the best possible post-purchase experience.


Why work on customer service?

Today, 30% of customer service (in e-commerce) sollicitations regard delivery. Questions include “where’s my package?”, or “when am I going to receive my order?”! E-retailers subcontract delivery to transportation services… but they’re first in line when an issue needs to be dealt with! Our technology aims to help them unclog their customer services, so they can make time to focus on their actual business!


What’s the difference between a Boxia delivery and a regular one for clients?

Thanks to our real-time monitoring, online buyers can receive periodic notifications throughout delivery. It allows them to keep in touch with their e-retailer, and always have a clear view on the state of their package (even if there’s a problem!). Via the marketing content we insert in the notifications, their engagement with the seller is constant, and they can access exclusive offers (sales, personalized content, pre-sales…).


Is e-commerce the future to you?

E-commerce is the future of course, but also very much the present! Consumption habits have changed a lot throughout the last 10 years, and buy anything, anywhere, anytime is getting easier and easier. In 2017, e-commerce generated over 80 bn € sales revenue, and the prevision for 2019 is over 100 billion € ! E-commerce has been generating two-digits growth for over a decade: it’s not about to stop anytime soon!

What does this year at Look Forward mean to you?

There are clear synergies between Showroomprivé.com’s and our business, as we both belong to the e-commerce ecosystem. Being able to evolve in Showroomprivé.com’s environment allows us to access considerable amounts of data, which then lets us work on our platform and develop new tools to better fit the expectations and needs of e-commerce websites. Furthermore, this year of incubation gives us access to e-commerce, logistics or marketing experts from Showroomprivé’s team and network!


We hope you enjoyed our time with Ivann and Stephen, and we thank them for their time!

You can catch them on LinkedIn, their blog or Boxia’s website.

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