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Google Explains Your Android Phone’s Broken Notifications

Peter Gudella/ Not all of the best Android phones and tablets work alike, and some devices have aggressive battery-saving software that can stop background notifications from coming through reliably. The Android team at Google I/O explained this week why that’s an ongoing issue. Modern versions of Android strike a decent balance between extending battery life (by pausing or limiting background tasks) and still staying connected to cloud servers that provide push notifications. However, some manufacturers take that a step further…


Samsung Apparently Won’t Redesign the Galaxy Z Flip for 2022

OnLeaks/91mobiles The Galaxy Z Fold and Flip are some of the best Android phones right now, at least in terms of uniqueness. The next Galaxy Z Flip phone just leaked, and despite rumors to the contrary, it looks pretty much exactly like the current Flip. There were a few rumors that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (which will go without the ‘Z’ in some countries) might have a larger battery, and some were holding out hope for a different folding…


Southeast Asia’s months-long heat wave is untenable for human health

Extreme heat is rolling through South Asia as climate change brings summer weather early. Temperatures are already pushing past 120°F in some regions. The current heat waves are severe—this year, India recorded its hottest March and April in more than a century. Some schools have shut down early, hospitals are on alert, and at least 25 people have died from heatstroke. “Before human activities increased global temperatures, we would have seen the heat that hit India earlier this month around…


Here are all the default wallpapers coming to Windows 11

Windows 11 has just been leaked and we've managed to find out the wallpapers. Microsoft has created 18 new wallpapers across a variety of collections. Let's check them out.DefaultThe default background comes in both a light and dark theme, to support dark mode.Captured MotionThe 'Captured Motion' collection shows a still frame of different shapes while they are in motionFlowThe 'Flow' collection of wallpapers shows the flow of thin and almost flower-like shapes.GlowThe 'Glow' collection is four space-like wallpapers showing a…


You can trick your brain into using your phone less

This story has been updated. It was originally published on September 24, 2018. Even when it’s silent, your phone is constantly begging for your attention. Maybe you get the urge to see what’s happening on Facebook, even though you just checked 15 minutes ago. Or you feel a phantom vibration in your pocket that turns out to be nothing. Increasingly, our smartphones have become more like appendages we can’t live without. Here’s how to wean yourself off your pocket computer……


A road-tested guide to long drives with young kids

No matter the distance, getting from point A to point B with a little one in tow is always its own unique travel challenge. I’ve trekked to the very ends of the earth, through 28 of the 50 US states, and explored 14 countries with my now 4-year-old, and I always tell fellow parents that if you have what it takes to carefully plan and execute a successful family outing to a park on the other side of town, you…


Meta wants to improve its AI by studying human brains

If artificial intelligence is intended to resemble a brain, with networks of artificial neurons substituting for real cells, then what would happen if you compared the activities in deep learning algorithms to those in a human brain? Last week, researchers from Meta AI announced that they would be partnering with neuroimaging center Neurospin (CEA) and INRIA to try to do just that.  Through this collaboration, they’re planning to analyze human brain activity and deep learning algorithms trained on language or…


We still don’t know what’s behind the global hepatitis outbreak in kids

Cases of acute hepatitis in children are cropping up in at least 14 countries, and global health officials are unsure what cause, or causes, are to blame. The disease is afflicting children from zero to 16 years of age. Some children required liver transplants, and at least four have died—one in Wisconsin and three in Indonesia. As of April 21, the World Health Organization has confirmed at least 169 cases worldwide. Young patients in ten states so far—Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama,…


You can make Windows 11 easier to use on a tablet

Windows 11 isn’t the first operating system Microsoft has tried to get working on tablet devices, but it’s probably the best attempt yet. The software is quite comfortable on touchscreens and tablets that lack a keyboard and mouse. If you have a Windows 11 tablet or a laptop that can transform into one (a 2-in-1), you’ll see that the OS can automatically adjust some settings itself when it notices there are no input peripherals attached and you’re just using touch…


5 heirloom foods that farmers want to bring back from obscurity

This story originally appeared in the Taste issue of Popular Science. Current subscribers can access the whole digital edition here, or click here for a new subscription. Bored by the uniform tastes born of modern industrialized farming, food historians, small-farm growers, and curious gourmands are resurrecting forgotten eats—once-famous crops ready for a second act. Their efforts represent a clarion call to embrace bites with flavors as rich as their backstories. Here are a few long-gone bites making delicious comebacks. Cocke’s Prolific white dent corn Cocke’s…


How to Open Notifications With One Hand on a Google Pixel

Gabo_Arts/ There’s no getting around the fact that the majority of Android phones are very large. The Google Pixel series is not exempt from this trend. Thankfully, they have a handy gesture to make opening the notifications easier. To pull down the notification shade on Android you have to reach all the way to the very top of the screen. As part of the “One-Handed Mode” suite of features, Pixel phones have the ability to actually swipe down on the…


Joby Wavo Air Review: A Content Creator’s Ideal Wireless Mic

The lavalier mics have standard foam windscreens, mainly meant to stop minor wind noise and block plosives (think popping ‘p’ sounds). If you’re using the built-in mics on the transmitters, there are fluffier windjammer-style screens included. Joby is no newcomer to helping people create videos on the go. This is the company that gave us the GorillaPod, a short, flexible tripod with built-in magnets that let you mount it on nearly anything. There’s even a clip in the box to…