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14 crisp tips for your Apple TV box

It might be hard to believe, but the Apple TV box—not the Apple TV app—has been with us since 2007. In that time, it’s gotten both smaller and smarter, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that you might not know about. While the Apple TV is designed to make it easy for you to sit back, relax, and get to your entertainment as quickly as possible, you can improve your viewing experience by digging into some of…


Ways to Protect Your Phone From Spyware

As mobile technology becomes an intrinsic part of our lives, the risks also increase. Spying on smartphones has become a common occurrence – yet most of us don’t take mobile security seriously. “How would anyone hack into my phone?” While we understand it sounds far-fetched, it’s more common than it seems. Alamy Stock Photo There are several reasons why we should be more vigilant when it comes to our phones. We subject our phones to risk each time we connect…

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Go Nuts – It’s Always a Good Idea 

Nuts are great. They are a fun snack – easy to eat, quick, not messy, and crunchy too! Yes, they are high in fat but hold on, let’s talk about the good stuff (because there’s a lot). Shutterstock To Begin With, What Are Nuts? You probably already know this already, but nuts are the seed kernels of trees that are encased in a hard shell. They are packed with nutrients and are often quite tasty. Some popular nuts are almonds, cashews,…


Researchers built a ‘SoftZoo’ to virtually test animal-inspired robots

There are so many animal-inspired soft robots out there at this point that you could easily pack an entire zoo with them. Although an adorable idea, it’s unlikely any such program will find its way into the real world soon—that said, a virtual zoo filled with digital soft robot prototypes will soon become available to researchers hoping to design and optimize their own creations. A team at MIT recently unveiled SoftZoo, an open framework platform that simulates a variety of…


Google joins the fight against passwords by enabling passkeys

The passwordless future is slowly becoming a reality. This week, Google announced that you can now log into your Google account with just a passkey. It’s a huge milestone in what promises to be the incredibly long, awkward move away from using passwords for security.  In case you haven’t heard yet, passwords are terrible. People pick awful passwords to begin with, find them really hard to remember, and then don’t even use them properly. When someone gets hacked, that may…


Robot plants could be used to grow infrastructure in space from scratch

This article was original featured on MIT Press.This article is excerpted from Dario Floreano and Nicola Nosengo’s book “Tales From a Robotic World.” In the early 2010s, a new trend in robotics began to emerge. Engineers started creating robotic versions of salamanders, dragonflies, octopuses, geckos, and clams — an ecosystem of biomimicry so diverse the Economist portrayed it as “Zoobotics.” And yet Italian biologist-turned-engineer Barbara Mazzolai raised eyebrows when she proposed looking beyond animals and building a robot inspired by a totally…


How John Deere’s tech evolved from 19th-century plows to AI and autonomy

Buzzwords like autonomy, artificial intelligence, electrification, and carbon fiber are common in the automotive industry, and it’s no surprise that they are hot topics: Manufacturers are racing to gain an advantage over competitors while balancing cost and demand. What might surprise you, however, is just how much 180-year-old agriculture equipment giant John Deere uses these same technologies. The difference is that they’re using them on 15-ton farm vehicles. A couple of years ago, John Deere’s chief technology officer Jahmy Hindman…


Being loud and fast may make you a more effective Zoom communicator

An online coaching company recently teamed up with language researchers to amass the world’s largest publicly available dataset of two-person virtual conversations. Already in use by institutions at Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, and elsewhere, BetterUp Labs’ CANDOR Conversation Corpus includes over 850 hours’ worth of over 1,600 Zoom chats recorded between January and November 2020. Its authors hope to provide experts and scholars across an array of fields a deep trove of data offering insight into the myriad ways digital communication…


How fast is supersonic flight, and why does it create sonic booms?

To fly at supersonic speeds is to punch through an invisible threshold in the sky. Rocketing through the air at a rate faster than sound waves can travel through it means surpassing a specific airspeed, but that exact airspeed varies. On Mars, the speed of sound is different from the speed of sound on Earth. And on Earth, the speed of sound varies depending on the temperature of the air an aircraft is traveling through.  Breaking the so-called sound barrier…


How to block toxic comments everywhere

Some corners of the internet act as bastions of healthy discussion, but out there on the Wild Web, discourse appears worse than ever before. If you’re tired of feeling your blood boil every time you get to the bottom of an article or open up your social media app of choice, it’s time to clean up your internet conversations. Block comments on news sites and blogs Some sites are doing away with comments altogether, but there are plenty that have…


Some of your everyday tech tools lack this important security feature

When it comes to computers, convenience and security are often at odds. A simple, easy-to-use system that you can’t lock yourself out of tends to be less secure than something a little less user-friendly. This is often the case with end-to-end encryption (E2EE), a system in which messages, backups, and anything else can only be decrypted by someone with the right key—and not the provider of the service or any other middlemen. While much more secure, it does have some…


Tony Stark would love this new experimental materials lab

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has recently announced the completion of its ‘A-Lab,’ where the ‘A’ stands for artificial intelligence, automated, and accelerated. The $2 million lab is complete with three robotic arms, eight furnaces, and lab equipment all controlled by AI software, and it works around the clock.  If it seems like a real-life replica of Marvel character Tony Stark’s lab, well, it’s not far off. It’s an entirely autonomous lab that can create and test up to 200 samples…