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Best Buy Black Friday deals: Kitchen gadgets, TVs, and more

You’re not standing outside of Best Buy in the cold on Thanksgiving this year because the big blue retailer is dropping its biggest discounts online. Many of the deals are already live and Best Buy has been updating its sales with new products across the board on a very regular basis. We’re keeping track of the new deals as they appear and dropping the best ones here to help you save your budget while you go in on some leftovers.…


Stock up on new home appliances with Samsung’s best Black Friday deals

After a long day of stuffing yourself with turkey, pie, and, well, stuffing, it’s time to gear up for a whole weekend of Black Friday shopping. But you don’t have to wait for the food coma to subside—plenty of sales are already in full swing. You can check out more of our Black Friday coverage here.  Right now, Samsung has solid deals on TVs, home appliances, tablets, and more. If you want to grab a new smartwatch or television, here’s…


Black Friday gaming deals: Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch, and PC

Ages ago, when I was young, video games and gaming gear rarely went on sale. The prices were the prices and that was life. These days, Black Friday sounds the horn for huge discounts on all kinds of video game-related stuff, from new(ish) games, to controllers and headsets, to gaming PCs and monitors. There are so many, in fact, that we now need to comb through them and figure out which ones are actually worth buying. Remember: A big sale…


The best Black Friday TV deals: Sony, Samsung, LG, TCL, and more

Big, cheap TVs embody the modern Black Friday sales. Screens offer more surface area for less money every year and 2021 is no exception. Many major retailers blow out their big screens on Black Friday and we’ve been perusing their websites to find the best displays at the biggest discounts. There was a time when going too big was a hindrance. TVs didn’t have the necessary resolution to let viewers sit close to a big screen. With 4K the norm…


Belkin’s Black Friday deals keep new devices powered and protected

It’s the time of year when you scroll through endless electronics upgrades and add-ons. And while you’re snagging all the latest devices at great prices (check out our general Black Friday coverage here to help with that), don’t forget you’ll need extra ways to charge them, connect them, etc. That’s where these Belkin Black Friday deals come in. Everything on the accessories manufacturer’s site can be had for 25-percent off with the CODE BF21 (and watch for other internet-exclusive discounts),…


3 big tech changes to be thankful for in 2021

There’s a lot to catch up on during this year’s Thanksgiving meal, and it’s not all related to the pandemic, either. Despite global computer chip shortages and shipping issues, the US has made progress on a few other pressing tech issues. Changes to Facebook and some of its more concerning practices, increased governmental funding for services like cybersecurity and transportation, and better accessibility to electronics repairs on the consumer side are a few of the major tech happenings to be…


Poland’s new anti-aircraft system will hit stealth targets at supersonic speeds

Sovereignty in the sky is as much about putting planes in the air as it is about denying the airspace to hostile aircraft. These twin desires—to contest the sky with aircraft and to deny it with missiles—drive a great deal of defense planning and spending. In that vein, on November 18, Poland announced an agreement with the United Kingdom to build a new anti-air missile system for the country. Built by British defense giant MBDA, which makes the hellfire missile…


NASA is winding up to punch an asteroid

This post has been updated. It was originally published on November 22, 2021. Asteroids striking Earth have been the subject of many potential apocalyptic scenarios—for which humans have never tested contingency plans, until now.  On Wednesday, NASA launched the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), an unprecedented attempt to knock an asteroid slightly off its course. The golf cart-size spacecraft, which took off on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 4 East at Vandenberg Space Force Base in…


How much does vitamin D protect us from diseases like COVID?

“What is this nonsense?” Erica Rice, a social worker from California, remembers thinking while she watched the rambling video her aunt had shared on Facebook. A middle-aged woman in Hunstville, Alabama, stood on her porch telling viewers they needed to get outside and lay in the sun to prevent “the COVID.”  It was April 2020, early in the pandemic—before masks became like a second skin—and Rice assumed the minutes-long clip was just one of the many virus-conspiracy theories plaguing the…


These skeletons might be evidence of the oldest known mercury poisonings

If you lived in antiquity and you wanted to paint something, then your colors probably came from squeezing a natural material into powdered pigment. If you wanted red, you had a few options: ochre, for instance, or madder, which comes from plant roots. But those pigments cannot produce nearly as vivid a red as vermillion, which comes from a scarlet-colored rock, cinnabar—prized for its vibrancy throughout the ancient world. Vermillion has one slight downside. Chemists might know cinnabar by another…


Car headlights are getting a much-needed upgrade with the infrastructure act

Anybody who has ever driven in the dark knows the benefit of good headlights. Such a small piece of a car’s overall construction is so crucial to visibility and safety. Over the years, improvements to headlights in the United States largely revolved around simply making them brighter. Meanwhile, the rest of the world began experimenting with in-car technology to adapt a vehicle’s headlights to better light the world around them. Meanwhile, the US.was left in the stone age with its…


Designated ‘net-zero’ lanes could push the shipping industry to clean up its act

The world’s ever growing global economy runs on shipping– this means that supplies from food to building materials. Some of the items and materials we order online (including from huge companies like Amazon) from overseas often make it to our doorsteps thanks to shipping lanes and canals that connect the world.  Shipping canals all over the world connect ships from one body of water to another and help shorten trips by having vessels go through land masses, versus around them.…