Have you ever been accused of being addicted to your phone?

Sure, it sounds like a joke, but maybe you felt like the comment hit a little too close to home. Technology addiction is a very real thing, and here are five tell-tale signs.

Sign 1: You Feel Nervous Without Your Smartphone

If your phone is in another room, do you get nervous and agitated? What if you accidentally leave it at home for the night? Does panic set in? If being apart from your “fifth limb” makes you feel uncomfortable, that may be a sign that you’ve grown a little too dependent on it.

Sign 2: You Make Excuses to Check Your Phone

Maybe you picked up your phone to check your work email. But you’re now refreshing Facebook for the tenth time and hoping for some kind of notification. If you’re telling others — or yourself — that you have an important reason to still be on your phone, you might just be a smartphone addict.

Sign 3: Your Phone Gets In the Way of Your Life

Smartphones are supposed to be tools that make our lives easier. But is yours also a hindrance, taking up a lot of your time and preventing you from doing the things you enjoy or need to do?

Sign 4: You Have to Document Everything

Social media allows us to document everything in our lives. From meals to travel, we can put it all on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But do you really need to document everything? And do you feel that events in your life are incomplete if they’re not documented in some way?

Sign 5: People Are Always Commenting on It

Sure, if one person says you’re a smartphone addict, you can laugh it off. But it becomes less funny when five people make the same comment. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and three times is a pattern you might want to pay attention to.

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