ZOTAC GTX 960 AMP! Edition Review

Though this card does boast of a better build quality than previous generation of the 60-class graphics cards, operating temperatures are a bit higher. You can easily calibrate the fans to correspond to a different load line using any of the overclocking software that manufacturer’s provide and take care of this minor hiccup and get a pretty decent graphics card for the money.

With the advent of the 900 series every single manufacturer seems to be paying extra attention to the build quality of their SKUs and ZOTAC is no stranger to this trend. After all, we haven’t noticed any significant difference when it comes to FPS in games between all the SKUs so giving the consumer their money’s worth has led to some interesting developments with the build quality. The GTX 960 AMP! Edition features a moderate overclock going by what Maxwell chipsets are capable of but it still uses just one 6-Pin power connector. Synthetic benchmarks didn’t put the card ahead of the competitors by any thick margin either and the operating  temperatures turned out to be a tad higher than all other GTX 960s we’ve seen so far.


This particular SKU has some element of the chassis covering the PCB from all sides and there are two fans for the cooler, both of which have blades angled to ensure higher static pressure. Despite all of this the peak load temperature was 75 degrees Celsius which is a little too much. Overall, it’s a nice thing to see midrange cards getting a lot more love. Performance wise this card is in the vicinity of every other GTX 960 and at a price of Rs. 17,490 it becomes a more attractive option.


Chipset: GM206
Base clock: 1266 MHz
Memory clock: 1753 MHz
Stream processors: 2048
Texture Units: 128
ROPs: 64
Manufacturing process: 28nm, PCIe 3.0, 4096 x 2160 digital resolution support, 2 GB Memory
DirectX support: 12
OpenGL support: 4.4
Power Connectors: 6Pin
TDP: 120 W
Warranty: 3 years

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