Your Cellulite May Be Caused By These Food Ingredients

Hip, legs, abdomen and orange in hand cellulite liposuctionThere are so many packaged foods that have chemicals in them, which for health and beauty purposes should be avoided, especially if you’re a woman (remember women have delicate and sensitive hormone systems).

Food additives and chemical sweeteners can negatively impact a woman’s hormones, and the hormones are responsible for skin tone, skin texture and firmness & shape. There is also an effect on body-fat and flab. All this is directly related to the appearance of cellulite on the lower body trouble-spots and problem areas…

So, you want to avoid as many food additives and chemicals as possible, and you can easily do thisby choosing fresh & natural foods, and by knowing which harmful ingredients to avoid when choosing packaged foods. Here are some ingredients to avoid:

1 – Aspartame

2 – Acesulfame Potassium (ace-K, as-k)

3 – Sucralose

4 – MSG (monosodium glutamate)

You also want to look for words such as “stabilizer” and “conditioner” on any ingredient label you are reading.

Those are some of the top food-chemical enemies to avoid. Would you like to see a few more powerful tips about getting rid of lower-body cellulite?

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