A new iPhone is just hours away, and a new Apple Watch too. What about the rest of it: Apple TV, new Macs, and Apple’s take on VR? We handicap every rumor before the biggest Apple hardware event of the year.


The countdown to Apple’s big September 7 event has begun. And unless the four horsemen of the Apocalypse decide to descend right down on San Francisco tomorrow, Apple is going to reveal its latest iPhone.

It seems like all year we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 7… oh wait, that’s because we have. The rumor mill surrounding the iPhone 7 has been working overtime since last November. Even for a new iPhone, the speculation seems to be at an all-time high, and all the rumors suggest somewhat of a consensus between the various sources, so it’s a good year to make more than just a few educated guesses.

Sure, a brand-new iPhone may be hours away, but Apple is undoubtedly going to use its biggest event of the year to shine the spotlight on other products, too. Here’s what else Apple is expected to announce tomorrow.

iPhone 7: Better camera, no headphone jack?

Of course, iPhone rumors don’t always pan out, but when it comes to the iPhone 7, you can almost bet on the lack of a headphone jack. This was the first rumor last year, and it’s been the most persistent—an indication, perhaps, that Apple leaked it toprepare us for the potentially agonizing transition and get us to start saving up for wireless headphones.


We’ve also seen several reports that the iPhone 7 is going to be near-identical to the iPhone 6s in terms of hardware design. Maybe it will be a little thinner, given that the headphone jack is going bye-bye, and include a second speaker to fill that space. The other major design changes include moving the antenna lines so that they trace the edge of the phone, and perhaps integrating a totally-flat Home button that will be pressure-sensitive like the Mac trackpads equipped with Force Touch.

In addition, the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to sport a dual-lens camera system. Basically, the 7 Plus will have a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens that will work in tandem to create DSLR-quality images. According to the rumors, every photo you take with the iPhone 7 Plus will be a super-crisp composite of the two images taken with each lens.

1473224943-3454-6s-iphone-7-100680283-large‘Everything else we’ve heard about the iPhone 7 is less conclusive or involves just incremental upgrades. Waterproof capabilities, a bigger battery, and a 256GB model seem like possible low-hanging fruit. But as far as an iPhone 7 Pro with a Smart Connector, don’t bet on it. Oh, and don’t hold your breath for a blue iPhone, either.

New EarPods: Lightning, wireless, or adapter?

The iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone jack is not only inconvenient for us, but it’s put Apple in a bit of a predicament. The iPhone-maker now has to revamp its line of EarPods, the white plastic earphones with the 3.5mm plug that have come bundled with an iPhone since… well, the first iPod.

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