Ways to Protect Your Phone From Spyware

As mobile technology becomes an intrinsic part of our lives, the risks also increase. Spying on smartphones has become a common occurrence – yet most of us don’t take mobile security seriously. “How would anyone hack into my phone?” While we understand it sounds far-fetched, it’s more common than it seems.

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There are several reasons why we should be more vigilant when it comes to our phones. We subject our phones to risk each time we connect to public WiFi. An unsecured network could compromise the security of your financial data. Hackers can plant a backdoor into your phone that essentially grants them access to your phone’s camera and all your activities.

More sinister attempts could involve hackers sneaking malware that reads your messages or tracks your phone’s GPS – they’ll always know where you are or even who you’re meeting. Terrifying, isn’t it? Privacy and data security are serious concerns today. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that you and your loved ones remain secure.

First Things First, Vigilance

Tracing malicious phone activity can be tricky since hacking tactics have become increasingly sophisticated over time. But here are some subtle signs to watch out for in case your mobile is behaving out of the ordinary:

1. Phone Battery Drainage for No Explicable Reason

Expectedly, smartphone battery drains with excessive usage, streaming activity, or gaming. If the battery dies without excessive use, it may be a sign of unusual activity.

2. Independent Activity

Do you sometimes feel that your phone has a mind of its own? Strange activity – especially when it’s on standby – could indicate a phone controlled remotely. For example, your phone may reboot on its own or send messages independently.

3. Spikes in Mobile Data Usage

When not connected to Wi-Fi, spyware connects to your phone’s mobile data. If you notice an unusual increase in data usage, your phone may contain spyware.

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4. A Phone that Heats Up All the Time

Spyware typically runs without attracting undue attention. But a tell-tale sign is a smartphone back that continually heats up. If your smartphone feels warm even in temperate climate conditions, it might be infected.

Ways to Keep Your Phone Safe

Secure Passwords

Always use complex and strong passwords, patterns, or a combination of both to protect your smartphone from hackers.

Anti-Malware Applications

Anti-malware tools help in detecting and removing surreptitious third-party applications or spyware. Using anti-malware saves you the headache of constantly being on guard – these apps regularly update their activities and databases.

Encryption Tools

For a tight layer of security, encrypt your phone storage to prevent any data breach. Using encryption tools will ensure the safety of your data even when your phone gets stolen or lost.

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