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Wuzhen is a sacred land where heart can reach easily. In Wuzhen, you can feel its beautiful scenery within arms reach. The weather there is not always well. In sunny days, Wuzhen is bright, while in cloudy days, it’s very peaceful that can makes people calm down and let heart become pure. Sunshine may not reaches every corner, however, the well-arranged distribution of light and shadow makes Wuzhen look very solid and real.

Wuzhen is prosperous since the ancient times. During thousand years, the residents live beside the river and people are all very nice. Wuzhen is the model of southern Chinese riverside town with bridges, flowing water, and beautiful house, at the same time wuzhen has buildings built beside rivers that other villages don’t have— Shuige. Because of this, Wuzhen is also called the last riverside residence in China.

Wuzhen is the typical southern Chinese riverside town which has a long history.  The scenery in this water town is saved completely, and remains the structure of whole southern Chinese riverside town. Wuzhen has deep atmosphere of folk customs, which is a museum that can reflects the lives of southern Chinese riverside town.

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