Unusual Benefits of Exercise

We have all heard that exercise is good for you. You can lose weight and it can improve your metabolism but what about its effects on your mental health? Can exercise really improve your life and brain function? We consulted with health experts to bring you the mental benefits of working out.

Improved clarity

Exercise_Image-300x272People who exercise regularly usually have a more focused mind. By exercising you improve your blood circulation, which means that more oxygen and blood flow can go to your brain. This can help increase your work productivity and increase your focus and memory.

If working out is not your thing, pick an activity that you enjoy such as gardening, walking, jumping rope or even swimming.

Moving your body every day for at least 30 minutes will help regulate your internal organs and pump blood to your heart.

Remove toxins

Exercising can remove toxins from the body. The sweat will push to your skin removing sugars and extra water weight, this will help you feel lighter and lose weight.

Improves your smile

People who exercise regularly usually feel better in their body. They have higher confidence and more self-esteem. Naturally they smile more. People who smile often usually feel good about their outlook on life. Most often happy people exercise and take good care of their body. When they do this they feel good and they want to smile because they are happy.

Some people are insecure about their smile. If you have crooked teeth stained teeth or tooth decay you can visit your dentist help improve the quality of your smile.

They focus on priorities

People who workout put themselves first. When you put yourself first you’re able to be there for everyone else. You’re able to be more pleasant and healthy in every situation.

Look at your own life and look at areas where you are overextending yourself to give too much to your boss or your children or your husband. Maybe you want to reconsider and balance your day with dedicating time for yourself. Dedicate time every day to exercise is a great way to practice self-love.

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Shannon Kaiser is a health and wellness writer.

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