Twitter briefly removed @ from replies and users were not impressed


Twitter briefly rolled out a brand new feature on Friday morning, but it turns out the social platform’s users really don’t like change.

The “experiment” involved a significant update to @ replies. The old version – where the “@” character has to be placed in front of the username you’re replying to – disappeared and was replaced with the text “replying to” above the tweet, Mashable reports.

This new system, which went out to all iOS users, was just too much for some people, including make-up artist James Charles.

In addition, as @ replies didn’t count against the 140-character limit, users realised they could add as many they wanted in one tweet and subsequently annoy all their followers very quickly.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Twitter to put an end to the change. The brand’s Support account also revealed that the update had gone out “accidentally,” which prompted this amusing response…

The mishap comes after Twitter announced that it would begin testing the changes on users of the Android app version 6.14.0 (or lower), or iOS app version 6.61 (or lower) in September. Clearly, the platform got more feedback than it was expecting this morning. If the upset users get their way, @ replies won’t be going anywhere.

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