Top 16 Gadgets and Apps to Help Get You Fit


We’re used to blaming technology for making us less active, but there are also plenty of gadgets, accessories and fitness apps ready to help get you moving. Our Fitness Expert, Libby Babet, provides you with a guide to some of the best ones on the market.

Here are just a few of the latest gadgets and apps you might want to consider if you need a little help getting, or staying fit.


If you don’t want to splash your cash on new gadgets (or a real live personal trainer), just download one of these and get moving ASAP!

1. Zova – this app guides you through awesome workouts created by top trainers around the world. Zova paces each exercise with rhythm, so you get results faster. Trainers workout with you live on screen as you go through each movement, so you can keep on track with technique.

2. Interval Rush – if you know what you’re doing and just need something to keep you on track, this customisable interval timer rocks. You’re in control of creating your own sessions, complete with exercise titles and the times you want to work and rest for, then the app will keep you on track with audio prompts and countdowns. Download it and add a single routine for free, or upgrade to the pro version (a one-off cost of a few bucks) to create and store endless sessions.

3. Zombies, Run! – this app is SO much fun and if you love a good story, it’s a total winner! Zombies, Run is basically an immersive running game for those who need a little motivation (or distraction) to get moving. Choose your level, distance and music, then head out the door and get ready for a totally immersive experience, with the app prompting you to take detours, pick up your pace and turn corners, all to avoid the zombies that have invaded your home town. Sounds kooky but once you get going, it’s addictive!

4. PT In My Pocket – this app is all about the audio! An energetic personal trainer guides and encourages you through a series of short workouts, making sure you stay on track. Make sure you already know your way around technique for basic bodyweight moves, such as squats, push-ups and mountain climbers before you start, as there’s no video content with this app.

5. N+TC Nike Training Club App – video workouts that make you feel like a pro, then create live training events to bring the experience to life? Yes please!

6. Headspace – where your mind goes, your body will follow. Headspace is a guided meditation app that provides daily 10-minute mindfulness exercises. Peace out!

Fit Trackers

Ready to get serious about your fitness but not sure where to start? For the price of a few personal training sessions, you can get a mini motivator that sits on your wrist and goes everywhere you do.

7. The Apple Watch – this is the hottest accessory to hit fitness in years. It’s sexy, super high tech and, well, it’s Apple, so you know it’ll probably be on every wrist around the country pretty soon! The watch measures all the ways you move, whether it’s walking, taking the stairs, cycling, running, dancing, or squatting. It hits you with reminders to get up and move around when you’ve been sitting for too long, gives you access to the hottest fitness apps without having to lug your phone around and provides personalised feedback and advice as the device “gets to know you”. Pretty cool…. and pretty design too.

8. Fitbit – the original must-have fitness tracker has just brought out a couple of new models, the Charge HR and Fitbit Surge. These both measure and display your heart rate and deliver notifications from your smart phone to your wrist, with the Surge also including GPS tracking and music control. Ooh la la!

9. Garmin Vivo Active – the wearable tracker for serious athletes, Garmin has built-in sports apps, GPS technology, multi-sport settings and a heart rate tracker.

10. UP by Jawbone – track how you eat, sleep and move, encourage friends and family to join your ‘team’ and look super stylish doing it. Like everything Jawbone touches, the UP looks super fly!

11. Misfit Flash – it’s simple, uncomplicated and only $50. If you’re not sure fitness trackers are for you but are curious to dip your toe in the water, give this one a go before splashing your cash on a bigger ticket item.

Other Cool Stuff

These fancy fit-makers are worth considering if you’re looking for that little bit of extra motivation.

12. Wii Exercise Games – if you’re a video game connoisseur and know you really should be moving more than you are, Wii has a fun list of exercise games that will get you moving while still allowing you to get your game fix.

13. The SmartMat – at more than $200, this is probably the most expensive yoga mat you’ll ever get your hands on, but it’s also the handiest. Simply prop your iPad in the mat’s dock and follow along with some awesome yoga classes, while a coach guides you to adjust and improve based on feedback from a layer of sensors inside the mat that detect balance and alignment.

14. Gobe – a brand new wristband that automatically tracks calorie intake by analysing blood glucose levels.

15. Oku – this pretty little cube analyses the state of your skin and makes recommendations on how to improve it. Basically a mini dermatologist in your pocket!

16. Upright – This small wearable device sits in the small of your back and gives you a nudge when you need to adjust your posture.

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