Top 10 Best Laptop Brands

In case you’re looking for a new laptop then it is really important for you to know what best laptop brands are, so you can invest your money properly in your laptop. Of course, there are many top brands when it comes to computers and notebooks and each one of them has its own cons and pros. But it’s not just about them it’s also about you, because you’re the one who will be using that laptop, so you must know about specs you want in your notebook and that is why you must decide which is the best brand for you.

I know there are just too many brands these days and it can be overwhelming choosing one of them, but trust me once you know what you’re looking for in a laptop then it’ll be extremely easy to decide. If you have no knowledge about computer hardware then you should start with that because that is all you need to know before choosing the best brand for you. It is not that difficult as it sounds and while looking for a laptop you don’t just want to look at its design but also its other features. Alright, let’s have a look at best laptop brands of 2015. This shall surely help you to learn more about best brands.

10. MSI Laptop Brand


Micro-Star International is mostly known as MSI and is one of the best and lesser known brands. They have been manufacturing computer hardware and notebooks since 1986 and MSI is also one of the largest IT manufacturers in the world. Right now they don’t have many models of laptops like other brands but their devices can be among top laptops when it comes to gaming or other heavy usage of computer like video or graphics editing. So, in case your essential need is gaming then there are few gaming laptops manufactured by MSI and that is exactly what you should look for, or else you can go with some other brand. Other than best gaming notebooks, MSI is also known for producing amazingly designed pink laptops.

Best MSI Notebooks

9. Dell


Dell surely is among the top brands that manufactures best notebooks and has time to care about their customers. Yeah, their customer support is so far the best and in case something happens to your laptop their service centers won’t take much time to fix it. Dell is an old brand when it comes to computers and other electronics, but recently they started manufacturing laptops and they have grown so fast that today they have more models than one can remember. Their laptops are mostly known for being affordable and offer all basic features. Other than Dell, they are also known as Alienware which is the best laptop brand for gaming devices that can handle every single game in the world. So if you are looking a regular laptop then choose Dell, or if you’re looking for gaming laptop then go for Alienware.

Best Dell Notebooks

8. Toshiba


Toshiba can certainly be the best brand if you’re looking for an affordable laptop for everyday use. Their customer support might not be as good as other brands but they offer wide range of laptops to choose from and one can surely find a suitable notebook. They had some poor feedback in past about their keyboards and touchpads but recently they have changed their entire design so I guess that’s all in the past. With their latest design, they offer many kinds of lightweight laptops for an extremely affordable price. If you are running little low on budget and are looking for some rough laptop then definitely you need to check Toshiba’s devices and I am sure you’ll find one good for you.

Best Toshiba Notebooks

7. Acer


Acer has been getting a lot of attention lately after they launched Acer Aspire series laptops. This brand just seems to be all over the world even though their prices are not that affordable compared to others. Not sure about their new models, but in past there were plenty of complaints on the internet about their slow hard drive and bad viewing angles. Anyways, they do have some models that can be acceptable for a decent price but not many people consider Acer as good brand for notebook. While comparing it with other brands it lacks quality in sound, video and keyboard as well as touchpad. If you check out some best rated laptops blogs then you’ll notice many experts rate Acer laptops lower due to their design. However, they have started manufacturing more innovative notebooks and like I said Aspire series is just everywhere.

Best Acer Notebooks



ASUS is known for producing best mini laptops and of course my favorite brand when it comes to netbooks. This brand is very much like Acer and is known for manufacturing most affordable laptops in the industry. Yeah, their Netbooks are extremely cheap and you could get it for as low as $200. Also their designs are very much appealing and since they come in plenty of colors their netbooks are the best selling laptops in last 2 years. If we talk about regular laptops, ASUS offers those too and they are great in design but not that great while delivering performance. They have poor feedback about their keyboards and touchpads response and also their customer support is not that great.

Best ASUS Notebooks

5. Lenovo


Lenovo is definitely one of the most reputed brands when it comes to computers and they are always first choice when someone is looking to buy a branded desktop computer. Prices of their notebooks can be little higher than other regular laptops but they do not lack in anything, whether it is design, hardware or just about any other feature. Lenovo is usually considered as the best brand for Windows laptops and yeah it can be compared with other best laptop brands like HP, Samsung and Sony. I can’t say that Lenovo will give you best value laptop but they are good in all areas like sound, graphics, keyboard, touchpad and display. Also their technical support is pretty good than other brands. So I guess these are the things that make Lenovo among the best brands.

Best Lenovo Notebooks

4. Samsung


Samsung is a very old brand that manufactures plenty of electronics including home appliances like Television, Freezer, Air conditioner, Washing machine and a lot more. After a huge success of their Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy S series they have been improving their laptops because one bad product can make entire brand suffer. When it comes to design Samsung has to be on top and we’re not just talking about laptops here, you can say that about all electronics manufactured by them. Other than design, audio and video can be good too and the average price of Samsung laptop can be around $500-600. They also have their best notebooks for gaming which can cost you more than $1500.

Best Samsung Notebooks

3. HP


HP is one of the oldest laptop brands and after merging with Compaq they’ve become a lot more known than before. This brand is mostly known for manufacturing standard laptops and all they care about is delivering quality, yeah, laptops from HP can be little expensive but surely they are worthy of their price. Recently they’ve also started producing netbooks that can easily compete with ASUS and Acer netbooks and most of them cost less than $500. They usually focus more on their sound and graphics section because these days that’s all most of naive people care about.

Best HP Notebooks

2. Sony


Just like Samsung, Sony is also an older brand and manufacturer of plenty of electronics. Sony has been the most popular brand for decades in electronics and now their laptop section is no exception. The only brand ahead of Sony in laptops is Apple and that might be because of OS. Yeah, I think Apple is ahead of all brands because they have their own OS which can’t be used in other brand’s laptop. Sony VAIO laptops are usually pricier than other brand laptops but things they surely deliver are performance, great keyboard, good battery life and reliable hardware. There are plenty of colors available while choosing Sony laptop and their multimedia features entirely vary upon the different models.

Best Sony Notebooks

1. Apple


If performance is all you’re looking for in a laptop then no other laptop can even come close to Apple’s MacBook. They merely have 7-8 models of laptops but all of them costs more than $1000. These days professional require a lot more than Windows and these Apple notebooks tend to deliver that. Apple is definitely the best laptop brand because they lack absolutely nothing, from displays to design, keyboard to touchpad, everything is perfect and accurate in MacBook including its long battery life. They are also known for their good customer support and their official website for any problem user might face, other than that they have Apple Stores all around the world where you can quickly get solution for any issue or hassle. Overall, it can be little expensive but it’s the best and most reputed laptop brand.

Best Apple Notebooks

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