The Best Work Out Apps For IOS

The Apple iPhone has access to thousands of different applications, many of which are able to aid you with your work out. While there are many different pay to download applications there really is no need for you to do this. In fact, some of the very best applications are available for you to obtain for free, directly onto your iOS device. So whether you have an iPod, iPhone or even an iPad, you are able use some of these different features immediately.

7 Minute Workout

id-10076384-300x199If you think you don’t have enough time to get in a little workout during your day than you’re wrong. The 7 Minute Workout application gives you different different workout routines every day, so no matter how much time you have you are able to get in your exercise. There are even video displays available for you, should you have a question regarding how some of the different exercises work out. There are visual and voice prompts to help you along the way, and it also informs you of when your workout is done, so you’ll always have access to the necessary information.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Have you ever wondered how many calories you consumed or how many you burned off during a given day? Well, with the free Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker application you never have to wonder this again. You can monitor what you eat and how many calories you consume, so you know how many calories you need to burn. You can set a goal of the total number of calories in a given day, and the device tracks bot your exercise and food consumption, giving you a guide to how many calories you are able to consume throughout the rest of the day in order to stay on top of your diet plan. You don’t need to write everything down on paper or even invest in an expensive personal training to help you along the way as this device is able to help you out significantly.

Map My Run

If you are a jogger than you need to have an application such as this. The Map My Run application, which is free (although you can purchase additional features inside the device), allows you to utilize theGPS of your device and track your run. It is also able to give you voice updates whenever you hit a milestone, including the number of calories you have burned, the number of miles you’ve jogged and the total time. You can even monitor your nutrition and obtain workout information if you want. Essentially, no matter what you’re looking for this device is able to help you out. You can even compare your running stats with friends who are using the same application. With this kind of feature you shouldn’t have a problem building a competition with the other in order to see who jogged the most and who was able to burn the most calories in the shortest period of time.

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