The Best Laptop Locks for Extra Security

On the left, a security cable locked to the side of a silver laptop. In the center, a cable attached to a slot blade on a Mac computer. On the right, a close-up of a black, four-number locking system.

If you own a laptop, then it’s probably one of your most prized possessions. To protect it against theft and keep it secure when you are out working in different locations, think about investing in a laptop lock.

Like leaving your bicycle behind and locking it up, a laptop lock does the same when you’re working in a coffee shop or out in a remote location. The product comes in different shapes and sizes and secures not only your laptop, but other electronics as well. To help you find the perfect one, read on and discover the best laptop locks on the market.

Discovering the Best Laptop Locks

When searching for the ideal lock for your laptop, consider these key factors:

  • Locking Mechanisms: Some locks come with keys, and there are also combination locks. Both of these come in various styles. Your preference will depend on the security level that you’re looking for and how often you take your laptop on the go. A combination lock might also be more suitable for you if you decide to use it for other things like your keys, tablet, and docking station.
  • Compatibility: You might already know what a Kensington security slot is. It’s found in most laptops, but not all brands have them. Some laptop locks are only compatible with devices that feature this slot, so be sure to double-check the lock with the brand of your laptop. There are also universal locks that work without a security slot.

Best Overall: Kensington Combination Cable Lock

A laptop lock with a four-number locking system and loop.

This lightweight, affordable, and durable laptop lock is probably one of the best on the market. Its style is available in slim and regular. However, it isn’t compatible with Dell or Alienware. The lock features a four-number combination that’s resettable. Its most notable design feature is its push-button that allows for one-handed engagement, making it super easy to unlock. It also has a durable lock head and a cut-resistant cable with multiple protective sleeves to discourage theft. It works on other things like docking stations, TVs, and hard drives.

Most Versatile: Compulocks Security Slot Blade for Laptops

A rear view of a Mac laptop with a slot blade lock attached.

This universal locking bracket is one of the more versatile laptop locks in this article and is a wonderful choice to secure your laptop and other devices from theft. It’s extremely tough and durable and has the ability to hold up to 150 pounds of weight. It’s compatible with any laptop and tablet if your device has 7 inches of flat surface area. It also incorporates a standard cable lock slot on the tip of the retractable blade.

Best Value: RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable

A black laptop lock cable with a loop and two keys.

This 6-foot laptop lock comes with two keys and is an affordable option if you’re on a budget. Its cable is made of durable steel and is easy to install on most notebooks and laptops that have a Kensington security slot. The cable also comes with a loop on the end, allowing you to loop it around something solid and stable when you leave your laptop unattended.

Best Design: Sendt Combination Laptop Lock

A pink laptop combination lock with a loop on the end and a four-number locking system.

Sendt features a fantastic combination system that’s designed to secure most notebooks, projectors, and LCD and Plasma screens. It fits devices with a Kensington security slot but doesn’t fit Dell laptops. The cable is 6 feet long, and you can purchase it in seven different colors.

Also Consider: Kensington Laptop Locking Station

A Mac laptop with a wrap-around system attached to a black cable.

This laptop lock from Kensington is unlike the others listed in this article. It features a non-invasive locking technology that requires no hardware modifications to the laptop, preserving your device’s aesthetics and hardware warranty. It will fit any laptop or notebook with its 11- to 15-inch adjustable security arms, so if your laptop model is measured outside of those parameters, then it won’t be compatible with this lock. This brushed aluminum locking station provides side port access and superior flexibility during laptop engagement, so you can still adjust your screen.

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