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The Apple Watch as a fitness device (as written by a runner)


I was supposed to review the Apple Watch. That was the plan, but then, when Engadget had its first chance to test the device, I was on vacation. Specifically, I was in France, where I ran the Paris Marathon, my sixth 26.2-mile race in five years. As it happens, our Editor-in-Chief Michael wrote a fair, thorough review on his own, and he cut a fine figure in that stop-motion walkthrough video, too. If there’s one thing he didn’t go into detail on, though, it was the Apple Watch’s performance as a fitness device. Some background there: Michael is one of those naturally skinny people with a stupidly fast metabolism who doesn’t need to work out to stay trim. Which is a good thing, because he hates working out. That’s why, when I finally had the chance to try out the Apple Watch myself (a $649 stainless steel model), I chose to focus on its abilities as a fitness gadget — a fitting decision, considering my running habit was what kept me from reviewing the watch in the first place.

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