Taylor Swift Bites Apple Music Announcing No Deal for “1989” Album


Last week we posted a report titled “Is the Investigation into Apple Music now Turning to Taylor Swift?” In that report, we rehashed the news that New York’s Antitrust Bureau Chief Eric Stock had been investigating the Universal Music Group (UMG) over their dealings with Apple Music and pointed to a report published by the UK’s Daily Mail that stated the following: “Taylor Swift, the phenomenally successful American pop star, has signed up to the new service [Apple Music], even after she removed her entire back catalogue from Spotify last year in protest that it was giving music away for free. While there’s no suggestion that she was pressured to leave Spotify, her willingness to join Apple certainly gave the new service a boost.” Evidently the idea of being dragged into a politically sticky situation over her dealings with Apple, Taylor’s record label decided to make it loud and clear that her new album “1989” wasn’t going to be available for Apple Music, reportsBuzzFeed. In the end, what won out? – was it pure business or politics? Unfortunately, we’re likely to never know.

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