Survey says Americans exercise a lot and live longer but not necessarily …

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Survey says Americans exercise a lot and live longer but not necessarily

exercise news
The biggest survey of American health in the past fifteen years finds we're exercising more and living longer — but we are not necessarily healthier. A new survey on American health finds some u-s cities, like New York and San Francisco, have among …

Baby on board: exercise with caution, say experts

exercise news
Three days before Noa Ries gave birth to her first child she snapped on a swimming cap and swam 2.5 kilometres. Now six months pregnant with her second baby, Ms Ries is exercising five times a week with a fitness regimen of circuit training, weights …

Iran starts 5-day naval exercise in Caspian Sea

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TEHRAN, Iran – An Iranian semi-official news agency is reporting that the country's navy has started an exercise in the Caspian Sea. A Fars story Monday quotes Adm. Khordad Hakimi, chief of the northern naval fleet, as saying that the maneuver in Iran …

Your fast-food lunch just cost you a 14-mile walk

exercise news
Anthony Viera, a public-health researcher and UNC-Chapel Hill and doctor at UNC Family Medicine, decided to do a little math, and by explaining calorie counts in terms of exercise, showed a more understandable diagram of how foods affect the body.

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