sony 100Hz v panasonic 600Hz

Some cool Sony images:

sony 100Hz v panasonic 600Hz
Image by fsse8info
sony 100Hz v panasonic 600Hz in sony centre

Sony MZ-N910 MiniDisc Player & those Old Memories
Image by Yang and Yun’s Album
I am taking this picture because Sony just announced that it is no longer manufacture any MDs, which marks the end of an era.

The very first Sony MD Player I ever own was back in 2000, and the model was MZ-R900.

I bought this Sony MZ-N910(shown in this picture and it is still working!) from the UK’s Amazon in the year of 2004 before I leave England.

It used to be very difficult to record music to your MD before the Net MD era, but the SonicStage was not nice either.

As illustrated in this picture, I bought a lot of Sony ES discs, and the two best MD discs ever made: Sony MD2000 and TDK XA 74 Pro. The latter one is not shown here, but trust me i still own it.

Anyway its good that we no longer need to suffer the SonicStage software, which is probably the worst Musical software ever made!

Sony DSLR-A900 with Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm f/2.8
Image by Arkku
During a temporary(?) fit of insanity, I snatched up a Sony DSLR-A900 when I saw it available in Finland at a price close to the UK-only deals I’d been drooling over. I haven’t regretted the decision, and it seems to have been a very opportune moment—the camera disappeared from the online shop within hours of my order, and the shop informed me that it was because they had sold all they could get at that price.

For me the major advantage of this camera is finally being able to use my vintage lenses without a crop factor, i.e. on a sensor as large as the film frame the lenses were intended for. The only disadvantage is having to figure out what to do with my beloved Sigma 10-20mm lens, which doesn’t quite cover the full frame (although apparently the camera doesn’t force crop-mode with this lens). I may just sell it and get something like the upcoming Samyang 14mm f/2.8 instead.

(As a brief review: this camera is great. The viewfinder is the best I’ve seen, the ergonomics are excellent, and everything I need is included. A couple of additional, non-essential features that could have been easily implemented in software, e.g. mirror lock-up with the wireless remote, but overall the camera is very full-featured.)

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