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Sleepless in Hangzhou —- An Amazing Night View of the West Lake


Voted the happiest city in China by Oriental Outlook Magazine several years running, Hangzhou is China’s leisure capital. Everyone knows that Hangzhou is an earthly heaven, but fewer people notice its beauty in the night. The West lake, the hottest landmark of Hangzhou is certainly not to be missed. Especially in such hot summer days, having a cool night tour around the West lake is definitely a wise choice!


The night West Lake returns to her innocence from the day’s pomp and shows her peace, elegance and romance. To make a night tour around the West lake, you can choose public bicycles as well as taking a boat or walking. It is very popular to take a bicycle tour around the lake. You can see parents riding with their children or a couple riding together. It’s so sweet and romantic! No matter you are traveling alone or with your friends or families, riding will give you much freedom and convenience to enjoy a casual tour and stop at any attraction that interests you.


There are three places most visited by foreign tourists in Hangzhou—bars on Nanshan Road, the Musical Fountain and the Impression West Lake Show. Nanshan Road bristles with all kinds of night bars and tea bars with different charms. Strolling on the road is like wandering in an Europe city. The breathtaking musical fountain looks like a girl dancing ballet in a colorful dress and it attracts many visitors from home and abroad. Staged entirely upon the lake itself, the Impression West Lake Show, directed by Zhang Yimou (who directed the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games), is a grand open-air show of light, music, dance and theatrics in the night. West Lake depicted its intoxicating beauty by its natural scenery as well as its romantic legends which the show is the very media that brings the audience into the mixed wonders of West Lake’s natural and cultural beauties.

Take your package and have a romantic Hangzhou tour! Enjoy the beauty of the West Lake in moonlight!

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