Select Apple Watch models once again


Tipsters pretty much nailed everything about the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro well in advance ofyesterday’s announcement event, but what some of them got wrong was the coming of a rehashed Apple Watch S.

Cupertino did have something to showcase on the wearable front, and while the woven nylon band and new strap colors might pique the interest of a few fashionistas out there, it’s hard to get enthused for the $50 Sport discount.

Not only is that too little and restrictive, it’s also late to the sales party, since many an Apple Watch variant have gone for $100 off their list prices at US retailers like Target, Best Buy and B&H. The former two are back at it, once again charging just $250 for the cheapest Apple Watch models, which is now 50 bucks south of Cupertino’s lowest ask.

You can therefore save twice as much if you upgrade to a non-Sport Apple Watch, starting at $450 instead of $550 with 38mm stainless steel cases, and fluoroelastomer plastic bands in black, white or red. Then you have similar 42mm versions, priced at $500 after $100 reductions, and finally, elegant Milanese Loop flavors setting you back $550 or $600 with 38 or 42mm frames respectively.

Target and Best Buy mention nothing of prospective deal expiration dates, but obviously, it’s all dependent on inventory, so you should probably hurry if you don’t want to wait several more months for a redesigned, possibly standalone sequel.

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