Samsung Made a Music Video for the Galaxy S23’s Ringtone

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The Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra were officially revealed yesterday, and they include an updated version of Samsung’s long-running ringtone. This time around, Samsung has made an entire music video for it.

Samsung has included a song called “Over the Horizon” with every (mainline) Galaxy smartphone since the first model, which also serves as a ringtone option. Since it has been the default ringtone on some devices, you’ve probably heard one version of the song before, even if only as it was blasting at a distorted volume in public while someone wasn’t answering a phone call.

There have been several new arrangements for the song over the years — the version created for the Galaxy S6 in 2015 was recorded by the Nashville String Machine, for example — and the Galaxy S23 carries yet another arrangement. The latest itiration was created by Yaeji, a singer and DJ best known for creating house music. Samsung said, “this playful version evokes the universal feelings of hope and joy, inviting us to imagine and be optimistic about what’s on the other side of the horizon.”

Samsung even created a music video for the ringtone, tying together elements of stop-motion animation and watercolor-like artwork. It’s definitely a cool creation, even if you don’t have much interest in the phone.

Via: SamMobile

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