SafeTexting: Jailbreak tweak brings new privacy controls to iMessage


Many of us use iMessage on a daily basis to stay connected with friends and families. SafeTexting is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to enhance the service by providing you more privacy control.

The tweak allows you to disable the typing indicator when sending an iMessage. Normally, whenever you start typing, the recipient will view a typing indicator informing them you’re replying to the message. With SafeTexting, you can completely get rid of the indicator and prevent the other person from finding out when you’re typing.

Another option that the tweak offers is the ability to send read receipts only when you have replied to the message. This means that even if you read the message, the recipient will not see the read receipt as long as you send a reply to the message. In this way, you can keep read receipts turned on but keep them temporarily disabled until a message is sent.

SafeTexting also comes with a separate preferences pane available in Settings where you can choose whether you want read receipts to be sent only when you send a reply, start typing or have the tweak ask you when you want to send.


You can also enable or disable typing indicators as well as choose the amount of duration the message is delayed before getting delivered.

The developer is also planning to add additional features to the tweak in future updates such as the ability to view contact pictures in Messages and directly open to the conversation list regardless of where you left it the last time.

If you’d like to check out SafeTexting, it is available for $1.00 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports iOS 8 devices. Sound off in the comments section below with your opinions on the tweak.

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