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After the release of Windows 8.1, now Microsoft is being ready to introduce yet another version of Windows for your PCs. Yes, Windows 9 is on the way to your home and you might be really excited to know how it looks like, isn’t it? So when is it releasing then? How would the start menu look like? For all your queries, keep reading the blog.

There are several rumors on the release date of the most awaited Windows 9. One says it’s planned to be released on April of 2015. This would be just a two years since Windows 8 was released. As Microsoft desired to shorten the gaps between the releases, this might be a true action since it’s the report that came from Microsoft reporter Paul Thurrot. A more recent report from ZDNet says, it could probably release this autumn. The report states, “Before Threshold is released next spring, Microsoft is expected to deliver a public preview of the Threshold release, most likely in the fall of 2014.”

However, Microsoft communications Chief Frank Shaw said that the company was not ready to disclose the release date of Windows 9 but he agreed that “you have certainly seen across a variety of our products a cadence that looks like that; Windows Phone is a good for example of that, our services are a good example of that”.

According to the claimed insiders, “The Threshold OS will look and work differently based on hardware type.”The start menu is the first concern for most people in Windows 9 and it has been known that it won’t just open the full modern UI as in windows 8.1 update but will look as Live Tiles that integrate elements of UI. Also the rumor says that Windows 9 will have the ability to pin ‘Metro’ apps to the taskbar and open them inside traditional desktop Windows. The respected journalist WZOR believes the base operating system to be free with certain features costing extra as part of a subscription. The price for this OS might also be significantly lower than the previous releases.

As Windows 8 has encountered several problems and updated versions of Windows 8 i.e. Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1 have done a little repair to the damage, Microsoft need to do something for repairing the slides in PC sales. Let’s hope this new updated version will have better support for high DPI monitors, fewer hidden UI elements, and reduced OS size with more metro apps.

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