Q&A: Mac os x built in spell check?

Mac os x built in spell check?

I know how to do a secondary click on the misspelled underlined words in Mac os x as i type. but it there a way to turn on an auto correct option? dose such option exist with the built in os x spell check?

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Answer by SilverTonguedDevil
Mac OS X doesn’t have one central typing place. It comes with several applications that can use the dictionaries that are located at:
Any one application would need to have “auto-correction” as an option for that particular application. I am not aware of any Apple application that has auto-correction as an option for spelling. Some applications have auto-formatting (terminology is mine, but it makes sense). For example, the iWork suite of Applications has auto-format for some aspects, such as typing anything that appears to be a date or time, converting 1st into superscript, or changing text with @ in the middle into a mail link, etc. This is unrelated to spell-checking or to the dictionaries.

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