Q&A: Does anyone know how to track a cyber bully online?

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Does anyone know how to track a cyber bully online?

So, my friend is having a problem with this girl on twitter and dailybooth. It may or may not be a girl or a member of a hacking team or “Anonymous.”
Is there any way we can track this mo-fo?
Should we confront said person,
or leave it alone?
We don’t want stolen identities or anything like that.
It’s just a nuisance.
Well thank you everyone.
I’m not intending on abusing tracking people.
Just annoyed.

Hacking Team best answer:

Answer by Dani Shay
Call the FBI directly or go here… for more info

Since many cyberbullying campaigns include some form of hacking or password or identity theft, serious laws are implicated. Law enforcement, including the FBI, might get involved in these cases.


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