Pico Cassette brings the simple joys of game cartridges to smartphones

If you’re the kind of smartphone user who yearns for the days when games came on clunky cartridges, Beatrobo has just the accessory for you.

The Pico Cassette is a storage device shaped like a miniature Nintendo cartridge that plugs into your handset’s headphone jack.


The Japanese company is planning to load the device up with retro games and sell them online, with customers able to download the games with the help of an app.

Beatrobo is also aiming to sell the Pico Cassette with new mobile games on board, as well as yesteryear classics.

The mini cartridge is based on a technology called PlugAir, which Beatrobo previously used to sell physically-stored music playlists, reports Rocket News.

It is yet to be confirmed whether the Pico Cassette will ever be released outside of Japan, but Beatrobo is set to reveal more at this week’s Tokyo Game Show.

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