Phone Makers' Android Tweaks Cause Security Problems

MegaDroid helps secure hand-held devices
Smartphone Security
Image by SandiaLabs
Sandia’s David Fritz holds two Android smartphones, representing the virtual network of 300,000 such devices that he and other researchers are using to advance understanding of malicious computer networks on the Internet.


Photo by Dino Vournas.

Smartphone Hippie!
Smartphone Security
Image by Kurrs

Phone Makers' Android Tweaks Cause Security Problems

Smartphone Security
In order to figure out what the security vulnerabilities were and where they originated, researchers first separated the apps that came loaded on the smartphones into three categories, noting which came from Google's Android Open Source Project, which …

AT&T to install Lookout Mobile Security on its Android smartphones

Smartphone Security
The app will be available to current AT&T Android phone users, and will be pre-installed on future AT&T Android phones starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The app will run in the background and will scan incoming applications for security threats.

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