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OnLive announces new cloud gaming services

OnLive-MicroConsole-300x179Online gaming platform OnLive has announced that they have named former IGN chief Mark Jung as their new executive chairman. Along with this appointment comes new cloud gaming services and multiple platform combination, such as Steam integration.

Two years ago, OnLive suffered a major blow when it was forced to layoff a large chunk of its workforce and file for bankruptcy. They had been unable to compete with other gaming platforms, such as Steam and Origin. At the end of their tether, they were bought out by Lauder Partners. The sale only brought in $4.8 million, a fraction of their once hefty value projection of more than a billion.

It is a sudden return that has surprised many. So was the appointment of Jung, who left IGN abruptly back in 2006. Despite being a co-founder, he was rumored to have clashed with others within the company over the direction that the gaming company was headed.

He is a natural choice to hopefully bring OnLive back to its former glory. Already. major changes are being launched.

In this last year, we have been repositioning the company and redesigning our services for a positive business going forward. We have rearchitected it to deliver a much higher value proposition for the users, Jung said in a statement.

This includes a new paid service for $15 a month called CloudPass, and the discontinuation of their former PlayPass. Through this service, download codes can be bought and redeemed on multiple platforms, including the ever-popular Steam.

It is an exciting move; not enough cloud gaming services provide a buffet-style gaming option. This could make all the difference, creating an add-on for the avid PC gamer that wants to avoid having to constantly buy games piece-meal. As a gamer myself, I can confirm that this adds up quickly, especially with the majority of games being one-time playthroughs.

You can also now play both in cloud, or locally. Another improvement on the original OnLive service that most are sure to appreciate.

In the end, OnLive has become a service that is finally looking to provide convenience for its users. Given how frustrating it was using the platform before (I only tried it on occasion back before their fall), its a welcome shift in business model.

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