Ninety Total Death Claims Approved By GM Compensation Fund


Three new death claims linked to the General Motors ignition recall have been approved by the compensation fund managed by attorney Kenneth Feinberg.

The new claims bring the total of all death claims approved since the window for acceptance opened last August to 90, AutoGuide says. Another 46 are under review as of this time.

Regarding injury claims, six more were approved by the fund, bringing the total to 163. Eleven of those claims were linked to severe injuries, including permanent brain damage, quadriplegia, and double amputation. Another 951 injury claims are being reviewed.

Total claims received between August 1, 2014 and the January 31, 2015 deadline came to 4,342. Of those remaining, 1,420 were ruled ineligible for payout, while 491 were submitted without proper documentation.

As for compensation, 167 offers were made thus far, with 113 accepting the deals, five rejecting the settlements, and 81 receiving payouts. The settlements begin at a minimum of $1 million per GM’s request, with total payout projected to hit $550 million once the last offer is accepted.

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