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My top 6 secret tips to be lazy and still get the body of your dreams!
Fitness Tips
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Self portrait via tripod + Tips that I devised for a fitness mag. these have worked great for me and others. I learned them from my time working as a fitness trainer & neurolinguistic programmer/hypnotherapist. Do not reproduce this text without my express permission.

Please note: All of these work best when compounded together.

1. Increasing your metabolic rate helps you to burn fat when you do nothing. The largest muscles in the body are in the leg (hamstrings, quadriceps) thus they expend the most energy. If you work them out in the morning before eating any food, since the only energy made available to the body is adipose tissue, and no sugars or carbs are available the body will burn fat exclusively in the morning. Do squats/deadlft exercises in the morning (video tutorials on youtube) you can do it with a low weight of 10kg and start from 3 sets of 10-20 repetitions with a few minutes rest in between. The bio-mechanics of the body dictate spot fat reduction isnt possible and only overall body fat reduction is possible. Thus, working the leg muscles reduce stomach fat too.

2. Thermogenic supplements, there are chemical supplements sold for hundreds which make people thinner. They work, but are expensive, and often cause anomalies in the hypothalamus. There are natural herbal supplements which do the same thing with no side effects. After my trials these worked the best, Cayenne, Flax seed, Indian Bedellium, L-tyrosine (naturally occuring amino acid that gave me tonnes of energy) HTP-5 naturally gives the body more serotonin for happier moods. All have worked great for me, and have other benefits too. Do not take the Bedellium if you have any thyroid problems and always consult a doctor first if you are taking prescription medication, when used on average clients all of them showed marked improvement in mental health & fitness with no side effects apart from increased energy & occasionally increased libido

3. Drink lots of water

4. The days you feel lazy, just visualise yourself doing squats or other exercises or 10 minutes, all clinical studies show that " mirror neurons " can make our brain secrete neurotransmitters to make the body believe it just exercised. Trials show this has 70 percent of the same effect as real exercise, however to do it successfully you must visualise with all 5 senses.

5. Turn walking into a fun game, walk everywhere, see it as a game of exploration. Chew gum and contract your leg muscles randomly when you remember (increases metabolic rate even more)

6. An important one: You dont have to starve to lose weight. The archiphallium in the brain ie. reptillian part of our brain which has the most basic or human urges, through traits inherited from our caveman ancestors. Whenever we eat a large meal, the brain sends messages to the body saying " food is going to be scarce so this guy just had his last supper like jesus so store this food as fat so that when he starves he still has fat reserves ". Instead of 3 large meals a day, eat 5-8 smaller meals a day, consisting of snacks or smaller meals. Fresh fruit milkshakes, tuna sandwiches, any brown foods work well.

For personalised plans, message me, Im happy to help ?

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Fitness Tips
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