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How to add time, date etc to MS Word documents
dating tips
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How to Create Dynamic Web links in your Technical Documents


dating tips
Image by roberthuffstutter

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[Tip O’Neill’s office in Bapst Library: (L-R) Millie O’Neill, “Tommy” O’Neill, Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr., Father Monan]
dating tips
Image by Burns Library, Boston College
Date: [1972-1996?]
Genre: black-and-white prints (photographs)
Size of original: 18.5 x 24 cm.
Digital origin: Reformatted digital
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CO 1069-62-110
dating tips
Image by The National Archives UK
Description: Coal Tip.Taken 30 sep.1918. Last pile to Dolphin No.2 bung driven Island Pier to Tip completed and False-work to No.1. Span being erected.

Location: Nigeria

Date: 30-Sep-18

Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/62

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dentyne’s quickie guide
dating tips
Image by nchoz
Dentyne’s Quickie Guide to Hunting for Men (Tips for Men on Women). According to whom? Who knows…

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