Nice Aerobics photos

Some cool aerobics images:

Worms hate aerobics
Image by tompagenet
3000 women doing aerobics in South Park in Darlington caused all the worms to come out of the grass – and then get stomped on – it wasn’t a pleasent sight.

getting ready for watr aerobics
Image by Esthr
the pool at the Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. I didn’t
get in until late this morning, so I narrowly missed being swept into
the aerobics class (starts at 8.30 am).

Year 5~Day 229 +200/365 AND Day 1690: Student and Teacher – Water Aerobics
Image by Old Shoe Woman
Today I went to line dance class at the Senior Citizen Center, played Dominoes (Chickenfoot) at the SCC, and participated in water aerobics at Stone Creek swimming pool. When I got home, Jim and I watched a "Murdoch Mystery" while we ate supper.
I’ve used Picnik to whiten my teeth, put on lipstick, and to have a suntan. ?

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