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Natural Foods That Are Healthy For Kid’s Teeth

We all know how damaging sugars and other foods can be to our teeth, but what about those that are beneficial to your teeth? It is important to recognize the natural foods that will help strengthen your teeth and fight against oral health problems.

Even though kids eventually lose their baby teeth, it is crucial to take care of these while they have them. Not only to prevent cavities and dental problems while they are young, but to instill good eating habits at an early age that will be beneficial to their all-around health baby-and-parent-smiling-iStock_000004150708Medium


Universally water is one of the best things for your all around health. Your body needs a lot of water to remain healthy and functioning. In a time where soda and other drinks high in sugar are the norm, getting your child to drink enough water has never been more important.

Water is the main ingredient in saliva, which is essential for healthy gums and teeth. Drinking water after meals can be helpful in rinsing off the food particles left behind. This can prevent plaque from forming. It can be hard to encourage kids to floss. Although this shouldn’t be considered a replacement for flossing, it can be helpful in the process.


Some of the highest fiber foods are fruits and vegetables. Encourage your kids from a young age to consume these foods as often as you can. It can be difficult to encourage kids to eat vegetables, find ones that are healthy, and taste great. If possible, avoid feeding them canned foods, which carry higher amounts of sodium than fresh or frozen options.

The fiber in your foods works to clean the teeth better, almost creating a scrubbing action. This combined with an increase of saliva makes fiber one of the best foods for your teeth. Choose the fruits that have high water content to counter their sugar content. Most foods that contain high amount of fiber also have calcium to help strengthen your teeth.


Protein is essential for our diets. Some foods that are packed full of protein, such as meat are good for us, but not necessarily for our teeth. There are a few different types of nuts that provide all the benefits, but don’t have the same damaging effect on our teeth. Some of the best nuts for your teeth include:

  • Peanuts – these are full of calcium and Vitamin D
  • Walnuts – rich in fiber, iron, zinc, and much more
  • Almonds – full of calcium
  • Cashews

These nuts will help stimulate saliva flow, and give you the vitamins and minerals needed to promote healthy teeth. Before giving these nuts to your children, make sure they don’t have any allergies.

There are many natural foods out there that are beneficial to your teeth. Make sure to eat enough of them to promote healthy teeth and gums. From a young age, oral health should be taken seriously. Start taking care of your child’s teeth now, encouraging them to eat the natural foods that will keep them healthy to prevent dental problems later on.

Cassie Costner writes for on the best foods for your teeth. She has also written on encouraging your kids to go to the dentist, the signs of a cavity, and how often you should get your teeth cleaned.

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