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Lotus flower in West Lake


Yang Wanli, a poet in Song Dynasty, wrote a poem to admire the beauty of Lotus flower. He said:

What is West Lake in June the day scenery,
The scenery and the other seasons are different.
Lotus leaf by God as a green,
The sun is bright red lotus,

which shows us how attractive the flowers in West Lake are.

One of the things you must do is taking a flight to visit Hangzhou out of admiration and watching the well-known and charming lotus flowers. The most famous scene to appreciate lotus flowers is Quyuan Fenghe which means the lotuses in Quyuan Yard. The lotus flowers there are diverse and different. A special bridge is built up across the lake where visitors can walk on.

On July 20, 2014, the grand opening ceremony of the ninth Hangzhou West Lake – Zhuji Lotus Flower Fair was held in its main venue – Zhuji city. The city is the hometown of Xi Shi, one of the famous Four Beauties of ancient China. The event lasts for 3 months through September. During the event, folk activities connected with louts flowers and Xi Shi are provided. I will recommend a proper routine for you:

The Broken Bridge – Pinghu Qiuyue – Gushan – Beishan Road – Quyuan Fenghe

Along this routine, you can see several most famous attractions of Hangzhou. On one side of Gushan, the lotus flowers stand there and bring beauty to their expression; on the other side, it keeps its original state, simple and natural. Two different but attractive scene are brought to our eyes which could make you feel you are back to the ancient China. When you are tried, the cafe under the tree is a good choice for you to rest. What’s more, I bet you will not get depressed if you appreciate the moon sitting there at night.

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