Lear LCM-5 CIEM Custom Earphone Review


Lear LCM-5 CIEM Custom Earphone Review

Lear LCM-5 Review Here is my written review: http://www.inearspace.co.uk/inearspace/Lear_LCM-5.html.
earphone Video Rating: 4 / 5

What can you recommend for a good earphone?

I bought the Heartbeats by Lady GaGa Earphones. However, the price was too steep. Thus, I decided to return them. I am looking for a suggestion or advice if anyone here knows some good earphone/ear buds.

I’m looking for one that has:
noise cancelling
non-tangling chord
clear sound

thank you much for your help! ?

earphone best answer:

Answer by lily G
Sony MDR-EX56 Stereo Earphone
SONY High Performance Ear Buds 1. Exceptional Audio (Ear buds provide deep bass sound, detailed and robust sound from 9mm head phone drivers and high power neodymium magnets) 2. Extreme Comfort (Soft silicone rubber housing creates soft fit in ear), Bullet shaped silicone rubber tips designed for best fit with ear shape) 3. Bonus Extras: 3 Sizes of sof silicone rubber ear bud tips, soft carrying pouch for head phones.
Super hot,check the below out and good luck!

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