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Lazy Days in Tenerife


Ah, Tenerife. Land of year-round sunshine, bubbly beach resorts and those wild and woolly mountains. It’s a pretty diverse holiday hotspot but that’s just one of the many things that makes this island so special.

Package holidays to Tenerife come in many different shapes and sizes. Many visitors choose to come and spend long lazy days on the beach or by the pool, topping up their tan and whiling away the hours with a book in one hand and something fizzy and refreshing in the other. But the appeal of this popular Canary Island goes way beyond the beach.

Just think. You could be searching for holiday deals Tenerife one minute and jetting off to the rugged north coast on a late deal just a week later. Or you could be planning a tailormade break, stopping in different regions and soaking up some of the local customs and traditions. Or perhaps you’ll head to the bright lights of Santa Cruz – the island’s capital – to enjoy waist-expanding tapas or freshly prepared paella and locally produced wine, before hitting the shops to melt some serious plastic.

Whatever you fancy, Tenerife can accommodate virtually every taste and preference.

Or if you fancy something a little different, where the visiting crowds are a little thinner and when you say where you’re going the typical reaction is “Where?”, there’s a long list of places to enjoy. One example is Souani el Adari on Tunisia’s east coast. This relatively undiscovered gem is a newcomer to the package holiday market and as such you won’t hear many English accents during your stay. Instead, with Souani el Adari holidays you can look forward to quiet beaches, a fascinating culture and many rich local traditions. Booking a package trip here is a wonderful alternative and a great way of straying off the beaten track, without the hassle of organising your own accommodation or local transfers.

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