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More Windows Phone GDR2 updates are rolling out

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Summary: Microsoft's GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8 is rolling out more broadly. HTC 8X users on Verizon are among the latest to get the update. Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | August 28, 2013 — 19:16 GMT (12:16 PDT).

With no early Windows 8.1 RTM bits, what's a developer to do?

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In the case of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft officials said they were holding back the SDK out of fear they'd reveal new features that they didn't want known until launch. (There were no major new features for Windows Phone 8 revealed during the launch …

Evernote comes to Windows Phone 8 with multi-shot camera, speech to text

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Evernote has let its Windows Phone app languish at times, but the company is making amends with a new version of its note-taking client that supports Windows Phone 8. The update primarily improves navigation and speed for modern hardware, although …

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