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State Senate panel backs AT&T in clash on LifeLine phone service

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SACRAMENTO — A key state Senate committee is backing phone giant AT&T Inc. in a clash with regulators over how to update the state's LifeLine program that provides cut-rate phone service for 1.2 million low-income consumers who now must use …

Ultimate Phone System Selection Guide for Art Galleries – Provided by Phone

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… by Phone Experts TelcoDepot.com. This edition of the Ultimate Phone System Selection Guide from phone system experts TelcoDepot.com explores optimal strategies for selecting phone systems that are specially adapted to the needs of art galleries.

Verizon pursues all-wireless phone service in seaside NY town

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FIRE ISLAND, N.Y.— Battered by Hurricane Sandy, this seaside getaway is being rebuilt with a radically redesigned telephone system — a glimpse of future technology that many residents say they don't want. Verizon, the only phone company in town …

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