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Michael with PNG Scriptures on smart phone
smart mobile phone
Image by kahunapulej
Michael with Dedua language Scriptures displayed on his smart phone. Scriptures in the many languages of Papua New guinea have begun to be posted there and at They are formatted so that they can be read on a small screen, like a mobile phone, or on a regular computer, including low-power computers being promoted for educational use in this country. (I’m standing in the shade of SIL PNG’s oldest airplane, a Cessna 206, for this photo. Our new Kodiak was out flying at the time.)

Glory to God!

Top SmartPhone Security App

smart mobile phone
(KFSN) — As the use of mobile devices keeps growing for both smart phones and tablets, the need to protect your information is becoming a bigger concern. Most mobile devices run on Android systems, so Consumer Reports just tested more than a dozen …

Smart Mobile Phone Line-up
smart mobile phone
Image by Dru Bloomfield – At Home in Scottsdale
From our Tweet-up at Echo Coffee earlier this week. It seems that everyone has a different type of mobile phone these days.

A Smart Phone Uses as Much Energy as a Refrigerator?

smart mobile phone
But add in the amount of electricity it takes to move data across networks to deliver a total of, say, an hour of video to your smart phone or tablet each week, and over a year it adds up to more power than two new Energy Star refrigerators consume in …

HTC S710 in hand
smart mobile phone
Image by
mobile phone style

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Android phone (preview)

smart mobile phone
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Android phone (preview). The Galaxy S4 … Most of the original Galaxy S4's features are carried over to the S4 Mini, with the exception of Air View, Air Gestures, Smart, Scroll, Smart Pause and Smart Rotation, among others. Most …

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