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Political Standoff Causes Concern over the Future of Science in Russia

Russia's scientific community is in turmoil. This week has seen protests, tense Kremlin negotiations and even a police raid. President Vladimir Putin has warned scientists that they need to come up with “big, good, socially useful results” as part of a …

IVF baby born using revolutionary genetic-screening process

Though scientists only looked at chromosomes – the structures that hold genes – on this occasion, the falling cost of whole genome sequencing means doctors could soon read all the DNA of IVF embryos before choosing which to implant in the mother.

Google And Maker Faire Beat The Classroom With Virtual Science Camp For

Science class is about to look a lot more boring. One million kids logged on to Maker Camp last summer, so today Google and Maker Faire announced the second year of its online summer camp, which teaches teens to build, hack and explore. The six-week …

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