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Mac Pro PC6400 RAM
Image by 37prime
Installed bunch of RAM for a MAc Pro. Bought them from Other World Computing.
Total of 18GB of PC-6400 RAM including the original RAM that shipped with the Mac Pro.

Color corrected, cropped and resized using Photoshop.

Parallels Access: Control your PC or Mac from an iPad

It is less likely that you engage in many "productive" type activities on Apple's popular tablet, despite business and work apps that are meant to take the place or complement similar programs on your PC or Mac. There are just too many hassles — you …

How a Mac works – Language H
Image by panapp
Mac knows all the language. Here you can see up right the menu for the language: on my Mac i’ve setted the italian as the main laguage and all the software is in italian (and in this way i can write in roman letters), but i’ve setted japanese kanas and kanji too, so i can easily use them and change from italian to kanji just with a simple keyboard combination (⌥+⌘+space). Now i’ve done an experiment: if i set japanese as the main language, all is related to japanese and all the software so too (pay attention to the upper bar). Here you can see i can choose so many other input system: from the knowest to the most subtle ones.

Déjà vu: 'SimCity' for Mac struggles with day-one issues

In June, Electronic Arts made a "tough decision" to postpone the release of 'SimCity' for Mac until August, but it appears that the two-month delay might not have been enough. Today, on the day of release, the game's forums are already crawling with …

Mac 512K Keyboard
Image by yllan
可以看到右邊有 mac 的 icon

SimCity for Mac arrives with issues that prevent installation and gameplay

SimCity for Mac is finally here, and needless to say, many have waited years for this day. Unfortunately, the arrival isn't going terribly smoothly for some, with user complaints ranging from installation issues to the game running only in a windowed mode.

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