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CoPilot Live Premium Review: Offline Maps for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

iPod Touch
Should someone pay extra for a GPS app like CoPilot Live Premium when the Apple iPhone and iPad come with Maps already pre-installed? We think it's a good idea for users that need maps even when they lose connectivity. Using the built-in Maps app on …

Review: Belkin Lego Builder Cases for iPhone 5, iPod touch

iPod Touch
If you're a big fan of LEGO and have an iPhone 5 or iPod touch (5th generation) then you might be excited to know that Belkin has just released its LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5. An official product created in partnership with LEGO, it's both a …

Flex cable claimed to be from Apple's 6th-gen iPod touch hints at 2013 update

iPod Touch
While little has been said of a potential update to Apple's iPod touch media player this fall, a new component claimed to be from a sixth-generation model suggests a refresh could be in the works. iPod touch. A picture showing a flex cable claimed to …

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